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Cannabis is now legal in Canada on Wednesday October 17th, 2018

No large modern country has made cannabis legal before.
Links: Ontario Cannabis Store,   Canada Cannabis Act,   Ontario Cannabis Act
In Ontario it is LEGAL to: In Ontario it will be ILLEGAL to: Legal Cannabis doesn't cause chaos. Uruguay, California and Colorado and Las Vegas have had it for years. It is seen as a large new source of government income.

Doug Ford, the premier of Ontario (elected in June) has shaped this arrangement for Ontario. He envisions thousands of small stores. One in every town or village across Ontario. These will open in the spring. The government knew it needed six months or more to roll out hundreds of retail stores. People with charges for possessing cannabis will be banned form operating a store. The Liberals had a very different plan with large government stores run by the LCBO.

The illegal underground business will not change very much in Ontario. People will still buy from their old dealer instead of using the legal channel. There may be even more dispensaries unless the police begin a major crackdown

Cannabis availability will likely have health benefits. It will reduce the use of opiates such heroin and fentanyl. It will provide pain relief for millions of older people. Driving stoned and increased brain damage for people under 25 are two likely negatives.

Tourism should boom in Canada over the next few years. We will soon be broadcasting the message that our brand is the best. Travel from Japan, Europe and USA to Canada will increase dramatically. Canada will compete with California and Las Vegas as the #1 holiday destination.

Billion of dollars has been invested into large cannabis companies such as Cannopy. The return on these investments may be poor because the stocks were overpriced.

The massage industry will not be impacted much by this change. Bylaw inspection may become less frequent since the focus will be on closing dispensaries. The holistic license may be scrapped as a move towards deregulation takes hold.

The legality of cannabis legalization is complex: The profitability of cannabis is still unclear: The unknowns of cannabis legalization are:

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