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Brothel Featuring Sex Dolls has opened in Mississauga

Without much fanfare Auradolls has opened in Mississauga at Dixie and Eglinton. This is a commercial area with very few schools or churches. The InSauga Blog has all the details. Toronto's population of six million people is enough to support several of these studios. If we can support 500 massage parlours and 100 cannabis dispensaries, then we can support 5 sex doll dens.

Brothel Featuring Sex Dolls to Open at Yonge/Sheppard

Toronto will soon be home to North America's first known sex doll brothel, offering sexual services with six silicone-made dolls.
It has been reported that this sex doll brothel will not open due to threats from city government
According to the website for Aura Dolls, the company behind the brothel, the vision is to bring a new way to achieve sexual needs "without the many restrictions and limitations that a real partner may come with."

The brothel is expected to open in a shopping plaza on Yonge Street, south of Sheppard Avenue, on September 8th.
The company doesn't give the exact location on its website, stating it's announced upon booking.
Spending half an hour with one doll costs $80, with two dolls running $160.
For an hour, the cost is $120 with one doll. The maximum listed time is four hours for $480 per doll.
Doors at the new brothel for separate entry and exit will be used to ensure "maximum privacy for customers."
While the business does plan on having staff on-site, they "should not have any interaction," Lee said.

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