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  • Visit Burlington to see Tiffani, Coco and Amy at Cara Studio

  • Visit Kitchener to see Tina and Rebecca downtown

  • In Guelph Lulu+Lala+Mia+May for pleasure

  • One holistic centre Thai Bahn Spa is confused by regulations

  • In Richmond Hill Commercial unit ideal for spa on MLS

  • Newsmaxx to be purchased and turned into Trump TV

  • Are you ready? Lick Spa is a very memorable place

  • In USA Joe Biden will replace Donald Trump as president in January

  • Informative! 60 Minutes does election feature

  • Informative! PBS does Joe Biden great feature

  • Toronto Star: In Ask Ellie, old man wonders if it is ok to see escorts

COVID-19 Stories

  • In Toronto Sasha from Secrets Spa goes on air as Alex White

  • In USA coroner says George Floyd had COVID-19

  • In Winnipeg Executive Bath got a ticket of $2542 for opening during pandemic

  • TorStar writes: salons are complaining that massage has been OKed

  • In Switzerland sex workers can return to work June 6th

  • In USA legendary singer John Prine is dead due to pandemic

  • Toronto Star writes about 55 year old sex-worker during pandemic

  • Search behavior has changed according to Google

  • New York Times says 430,000 have flown from China to USA this year

  • Huffington Post writes about fund for sexworkers set up by Maggies and Butterfly

  • Watch 63 yard kick by COVID-19 fatality

  • In Toronto Pride week will continue somehow without a parade

  • In Hamilton $750 ticket issued to non-essential business selling cocaine

  • Canadian Government to give people 82 BILLION DOLLARS if eligible

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