Massage Profiles

Asian Natural Wellness Center 550 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill

One plus One Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

1 Spa Steeles/Kennedy, Scarborough

10 Avenue Place 207 10th, Calgary

101 Spa 101 Sheppard E, North York

101 Spa Garden 4664 Yonge, North York

109 Spa 109 Old kingston Rd, Ajax

Svengali Spa 141 Main, Markham

172 Asian Massage Spa 172 St Joseph, Ottawa

172 Asian Spa 172 Laval, Gatineau

Asian 1971 1971 east 49 ave, Vancouver

235 Market West 235 Market St, Brantford

26 Spa 4860 Yonge, North York

Reach 3171 West Broadway, Vancouver

Lakeshore 3351 - GONE 3351 Lakeshore Blvd, Etobicoke

Comfort 100 3517 Kingsway, Vancouver

4 R Spa 3346 Dundas W, Toronto

Dundas 400 400 Dundas, Pickering

4th Asian Spa , Edmonton

5 R Spa 3346 Dundas W, Toronto

5 Stars Relax Spa 1 Hiscott, St. Catharines

50th Street Massage Centre 8170 50th, Edmonton

520 Club 160 Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Queens Plate Queens Plate, Etobicoke

Day Spa Retreat 5531 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

6ix Spa 155 Toryork, North York

7 Spa 4802 Highway 7, Markham

Young's Salon and Spa 7805 6st, Burnaby

8 Spa 7220 Kennedy, Markham

Nashdene 80 Nashdene, Scarborough

Autumn's Esthetics Studio 8673 10th Ave, Burnaby

868 Massage ,

8910 Spa 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Tim Horton Blg 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

99 Street 99th St. & 34th Ave, Edmonton

A & A Wellness 131 Beckenridge, Markham

A & M Spa 1575 Steeles E, North York

A & Z 530 Postridge Drive, Oakville

A&P Acupuncture Clinic 1162 Ogilvie Rd, Ottawa

A&P Chinese Therapy and Acupuncture 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

A&R Massage Spa 3631 Dundas W, Toronto

Day Spa 9590 McCowan, Markham

A Eden 2017 Spa 3570 Victoria Park, North York

A Ladies Touch Granville and Georgia, Vancouver

A+ Wellness Spa 10185 Yonge, Richmond Hill

A Spa 3380 Midland, Scarborough

A Spa 28 S Unionville, Markham

A Team Spa 2215 Danforth, Toronto

AA Health Clinic 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

AA Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Abandon 6698 Christopher Colombus, Montreal

Able Body Care , Calgary

Absolute Health Spa 733 Bloor W, Toronto

Accupuncture 2489 Bloor, Toronto

Acqualina Spa Ronald Ave, Toronto

Action Health Centre 210 King E, Oshawa

Activa Wellness Spa 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Acu Green Health Spa 774 Brant, Burlington

Acu Med Rehab 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

U Acupuncture Massage 3033 Hurontario, Mississauga

Adagio 3411 St Catharine E, Montreal

Adagio 1670 Zotique E, Montreal

Adam and Eve Luxury Spa 674 Yonge, Toronto

Adonis 245 Gerrard E, Toronto

Advanced Therapeutics Wellness 1398 Queen St E, Toronto

Aegean Spa 3477 Yonge, Toronto

Aesthetic Spa 3278 Midland, Scarborough

Afrodita Spa 2236 Eglinton W, Toronto

AG , Ottawa

Agent Provocateur , Toronto

Agnes 9471 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Airport Studio 557 Dixon, Etobicoke

Airport Spa 286 Atwell, Etobicoke

Airport Golden Spa 351 Parkhurst, Brampton

Airport Road and Drew 2985 Drew, Toronto

Aith Various, Toronto

Ajax Westney/401, Use Rear Door, Ajax

Ajax Russian Centre 68 Commercial, Ajax

Ajax Health Centre 70 Commercial, Ajax

Albion Stars 1790 Albion, Etobicoke

Alchemist Tiger 32 Coyne, St. Thomas

Aleena Outcall,

Aleena Outcall, Scarborough

aLegend Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Alex Yonge/Davisville, Toronto

Alexcellence Laval 1172 Cure-Labelle, Laval

Alexcellence Laval Laurentides 1585 Laurentides, Montreal

Alexcellence Terrebonne 1044 rue Belcourt, Terrebonne

Alfa Wellness 1490 Major Mackenzie, Vaughan

Alfa Spa and Wellness 119 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Alice Spa 4915 Steeles E, Scarborough

Alice Yonge/Sheppard, North York

Alisha , Scarborough

Aliza 219 Main W, Hamilton

All U Spa 9100 Jane, Vaughan

All U Spa 398 Ferrier, Markham

All U Spa 20 Main, Markham

Alla Ponomarchuk-Chapoval , Toronto

Alla Spa 1392 Jean Talon E, Montreal

Alley Cats 16792 108th, Surrey

Alliance 4 4 Alliance, Barrie

Allison , Ottawa

Just 4 U Spa 19 Church St N, Alliston

Allure Studio 392 Gibraltar, Mississauga

Allure Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Ally various, Toronto

Alma Outcalls , Toronto

Alma Natural Spa 2105 Yonge, Toronto

ALO Bliss Hunt Club/Prince of Wales, Ottawa

ALO Loft 170a Booth St, Ottawa

ALO West 3049 Carling, Nepean

ALO Orleans 1725 St Laurent, Ottawa

ALO South 1757 Bank, Ottawa

Aloe Spa 243 Welland Ave, St. Catharines

Alpha Spa 2932 Eglinton E, Scarborough

AlphaCare Massage Spa 1018 Finch W, North York

Alpha Health Centre 3034 Palstan Road, Mississauga

Alpha Care Spa 1270 Finch W, North York

Alternative Spa 2029 Yonge, Toronto

Alteza 2017 Rosemont, Montreal

Alton Towers 160 Alton Towers, Scarborough

Alyson 15122 Stony Plain, Edmonton

Amadeus Spa 58 Guided Court, Etobicoke

Amazing Holistic Health Centre 2245 Kennedy, Scarborough

Amazing Spa Downstairs 2245 Kennedy, Scarborough

Amazon Spa Lawrence/Keele, North York

Ambassador Spa 1270 Finch W, North York

Amber Health Spa 455 King W, Hamilton

Ambiance 802 Exeter, London

Ambition Spa 140 McGovern Dr, Cambridge

Ambition Spa 155 Toryork, North York

Ambrosia 100-4th Ave,SW, Calgary

Ambrosia 1380 Matheson, Mississauga

Amend 1145 Cyrville Rd, Gloucester

Amenity Spa 6349 Yonge, North York

American Asian Modeling 3853 Main St., Bridgeport

Ami , Toronto

Ami Andrews , Toronto

Amore Spa 43 International, Etobicoke

Amore Spa 127 Westmore, Etobicoke

Amy & Jessica Hurontario & Confed Park, Mississauga

Amy 952 Bathurst, Toronto

Amy Thai Massage 60 Gloucester St, Toronto

Amy Dufferin/Wilson, North York

My Wellness Centre 2395 Lakesshore W, Oakville

Amy 3107 Kennedy, Scarborough

Amy 40 Wynford, North York

Amy , Toronto

Ana , Toronto

Anastasia Dundas W, Toronto

Ancaster Clinic For Sale , Ancaster

Andrea , Chatham

Angel Spa Unknown, Scarborough

Angel Mandarin Spa 195 Plains Rd E, Burlington

Angel Spa 600 Victoria Ave, Regina

Angel Steeles/Bathurst, North York

Angels Spa , Burlington

Angel Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Angel Spa 9590 McCowan, Markham

Angel Spa 216 Dalhousie, Ottawa

Angel Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Angels Spa 3453 Victoria Park, Scarborough

Angel Spa Warden/Steeles, Toronto

Angel Wellness and Spa 3680 Victoria Park, North York

Angela Sheppard/YorkMills, North York

Angela Health & Beauty Spa 8269 Granville Street, Vancouver

Angel Massage Spa 1977 Finch W, North York

Angela 594X Yonge st, North York

Angela 1077 Wilson, North York

Angelika None, Toronto

Angelina , Unknown

Angeling Spa 276 Danforth, Toronto

Angels Spa 15003a 118 Ave, Edmonton

Angels On Earth , Burlington

Angels Touch 65 Bentley, Nepean

Angels Touch Spa 525 Eglinton W, Toronto

Angie Bruce & Park, Windsor

Anita's Massage Unlisted, West Vancouver

Anna , Burlington

Anna Lee 1021 Ives Dairy Rd, Miami

Anna Relax Spa 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Anna's Holistic 2324 Lakeshore Blvd, Etobicoke

Anna's Spa 4286 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Anne Street Oriental 7 Anne St S, Barrie

Annie Spa 1001 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough

Antrim , Scarborough

Apartment 3400 Keele, North York

Aphrodisiac 10127 107 Ave, Edmonton

Aphroditi's Health Centre 638 Sheppard W, North York

Apple Spa 2879 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Apple Blossom Spa 2530 Eglinton E, Scarborough

Apple Garden Spa 4211 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Apple Spa 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

Apple Spa 1290 Finch W, North York

Appletree 409 Charlton W, Hamiton

April's Massage 12421 118 Ave NW, Edmonton

Aqua Health Centre 1729 Bloor W, Toronto

Aqua Bay Beauty & Health 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Aqua Blue Spa 114 Anaconda, Scarborough

Aqua Spa 1290 Finch W, North York

Aqua Pure Spa 43 Elm, Toronto

Aqua Pure Spa Inc 4578 Yonge, North York

Aqua Wellness Spa 20437 Douglas Crescent, Langley

Aqua Spa 10225 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Aquarius Bath 457 Notre Dame, Winnipeg

Argentia Spa 2283 Argentia, Mississauga

Paradise Spa Argentia Rd, Mississauga

Aria Massage 3610 Boulevard de la Concorde Est, Laval

Aristocrat Spa 387 Jane, Toronto

Aristocrat Massage 4710 99th, Edmonton

Aristocrrats Massage 2167 Hamilton St, Regina

Arlene Keele Finch, North York

Aroma Spa 2480 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Aroma Wellness 420 Wilson, North York

Aroma Day Spa 701 Queenston, Hamilton

Aroma Glory 3346 Dundas W, Toronto

Aroma Magic Spa 175 Toryork, North York

Aroma 175 Toryork, North York

Aroma 4870 Saint-Charles, Pierrefonds

Aroma Day Spa 5261 Hwy 7, Markham

Aromatherapy 1217 St Clair W, Toronto

Aromatic Sensation 2409 Eglinton W, Toronto

Arouse Spa 1958 Yonge, Toronto

Art Beauty Health Centre 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Aruba Spa 818 Wilson, North York

Arystocrats Spa 1895 Clements, Pickering

Asha 682 Wilson, North York

Asha Patel Flemingdom Heights, Toronto

Ashgrove Spa & Medi Spa , Markham

Ashley Fairview Mall Area, North York

Ashley , Brampton

Ashley , Toronto

Asia Massage Spa 180 York St, Ottawa

Asia Girl Cnfed/Dundas, Mississauga

Asia Spa 1358 Kennedy, Scarborough

Asia Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Asia Studios 2190 Warden, Scarborough

Asian 1832 36th SE, Calgary

Asian 1 880 Wilson, North York

Asian Condo , Toronto

Asian 106 Ave 115 St, Edmonton

Asian Spa 70 Essa Rd, Barrie

Asian Girl Burlington/Niagara, Burlington

Asian 6156 Quinpool Rd, Halifax

Asian Health and Beauty 1942 Eglinton W, Toronto

Asian Health Center 8754-50 Ave, Edmonton

Asian Incall 5508 Yonge, North York

Asian Incall 101 Hwy401&Kennedy, Scarborough

Asian Incall 102 Hwy7&Warden, Markham

Asian Incall 103 Sheppard&Birchm, Scarborough

Asian Incall 104 Hwy7&Warden, Markham

Asian Incall 105 Yonge&Finch, North York

Asian Incall 106 Sheppard&Kennedy, Scarborough

Asian Incall 107 Steeles&Kennedy, Scarborough

Asian Incall 108 Sheppard/Don Mills, Scarborough

Asian Incall 109 Markham, Markham

Asian Incall 110 Hwy7&Warden, Scarborough

Asian Incall 111 Markham, Markham

Asian Incall 112 Finch & DonMills, Scarborough

Asian Incall 113 Sheppard & DonMills, Scarborough

Asian Incall 114 Finch & Victoria Park, Scarborough

Asian Incall 115 Steeles&Kennedy, Scarborough

Asian Incall 116 Finch&McCowan, Scarborough

Asian Incall 117 Hwy7&Yonge, Richmond Hill

Square One Incall Square One Dr, Mississauga

Asian Incall 119 16th Ave & Kennedy, Markham

Asian Incall 120 Bathurst&Steele, Scarborough

Asian Incall 121 Sheppard&DonMills, Scarborough

Asian Incall 123 McCowan&Steeles, Scarborough

Asian Incall 124 Finch&Victoria Park, Scarborough

Asian Incall 125 Finch&Victoria Park, Scarborough

Asian Incall 126 Kennedy&Sheppard, Scarborough

Asian Incall 127 Queen St, Brampton

Asian Incall 128 Finch & Victoria Park, Scarborough

Asian Incall 130 Finch & Victoria Park, Scarborough

Asian Incall 2374 Lakeshore Blvd, Etobicoke

Asian Massage 4630 NW 7 St, Miami

Asian 3216 3216 West Broadway, Vancouver

Asian Health Centre 108 Queen St S, Kitchener

Asian Massage 3160 King E, Kitchener

Asian Massage 111 High St W, Moose Jaw

Asian Massage 339 Victoria, Regina

Asian Massage Therapy Center 463 King St E, Oshawa

Asian Models 180 Bold, Hamilton

Asian 3423 St Denis, Montreal

Asian Palace 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Asian Relaxation Dynes Rd, Ottawa

Asian Spa Queen/Main, Hamilton

Asian Spa 6103 Lundys Lane, Niagara Falls

Asian Spa 15 Finch W, North York

Asian Therapy Center 1559 Eglinton W, Toronto

Asian Therapy Center 1590 Eglinton W, Toronto

Asian Touching 23 McCleary, Vaughan

Asian Wellness Massage 1570 Ives Dairy Rd, Miami

Asian 4 Hands 12042 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor

Asianna Spa 5781 SW 137 Ave, Miami

Asians Thaler, Kitchener

Astra Holistik Centre 2001 Albion, Etobicoke

Atlantic Therapeutic Massage 500 Queen St, Charlottetown

Atlantis Spa 351 Parkhurst, Brampton

Atlantis 8080 Leslie Rd, Richmond

Atrium Spa 31 Jarvis St, Fort Erie

Aum 538 College, Toronto

Aura Spa 6121 Steeles W, North York

Aura Dolls 4632 Yonge, North York

Aura 2061 McCowan Rd, Scarborough

Aurora Wellness 15094 Yonge, Aurora

Aurora Care Centre 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

Aurora Spa 13 Wellington W, Aurora

Yonge Wellness 15225 Yonge, Aurora

Autumn Desilva , Toronto

Ava Downtown,

Ava , Ajax

Avalon 15430 boul Pierrefonds #100, Pierrefonds

Avenue 1815 Dundas, London

avenue-211 211 Avenue Rd, Toronto

Basement on Avenue Rd 1761 Avenue Rd, Toronto

Avenue Spa 2072 Avenue Rd, North York

Avenue Spa 2016 6311 Yonge, North York

Avita 290 King W, Hamilton

Aya Spa 212A North Front St, Belleville

B & L European Classic Spa 4117 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Baby Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Baby Beauty Massage 71 Speers Rd, Oakville

Bailey Toronto/Mississauga, Mississauga

Bak Massage Therapy Clinic 3601 Highway 7 E, Markham

Bakerwood Massage Therapy 20 Glebe W, Toronto

Baldwin 5969 5969 Baldwin, Whitby

Bamboo Bliss 1500 Islington, Etobicoke

Bamboo Garden 424 Dundas W, Toronto

Bamboo Spa 640 Upper James, Hamilton

Bamboo Spa 1959 Rosement, Montreal

Barrhaven Barrhaven, Ottawa

Barrie Health Center 304 Dunlop W, Barrie

Leisure Spa 384 Yonge, Barrie

Bartor Bartor, North York

Bathurst , Toronto

Bathurst and Glencairn 27XX, North York

Bathurst and Sheppard , Northh York

Bathurst Wellness 10815 Bathurst, Richmond Hill

Bayly 1400 1400 bayly, Pickering

Bayly 1735 1735 Bayly, Pickering

Bayview 3459 1624 Bayview,

Bayview 8763 8763 Bayview, Richmond Hill

Bayview ,

Bayview Village Bayview Village, North York

Bayview Village Wellness Centre ,

BBS Wellness 2351 Kennedy Rd, Scarborough

Be Pampered 700 Guelph Line, Burlington

Beach Bunnies 2789 Hwy 97, Kelowna

Beaches Spa 458 Kingston Road, Beaches

Beachside Massage Therapy 304 Main St, Wasaga

Beauty Spa 3192 Eglinton Ave E, Toronto

Beauty Destination Brant St, Burlington

Beauty Health Design 206 King E, Kitchener

Beauty Home Spa 4 Crayford Dr, Scarborough

Beauty Queen Spa 8380 Kennedy, Markham

Beauty , Scarborough

Beaverton Downstairs 448 Osbourne, Beaverton

Beaverton Upstairs 448 Osbourne, Brock

Becca Yonge/Bloor, Toronto

Beeton Nail Spa 18 Main St W, Toronto

Belfield 70 70 Belfield, Etobicoke

Belinda Spa 155 Toryork, North York

Bella Airport Area, Mississauga

Bella Bella Beauty Spa 1401 Plains Rd, Burlington

Beauty Betty Spa Unlisted, Burlington

Bella Spa 2848 Dufferin, North York

Bella , Ottawa

Bella , Oakville

Bella Spa 726 Kingston Road, Pickering

Bella's Spa 155 Toryork, North York

Bellesmere , Scarborough

Relaxation Hub 1 Bridge St E, Belleville

Belsize 198X Yonge, Toronto

Bentley Spa 3550 Wolfedale Rd, Mississauga

Benya Spa 2018 1288 Weston Road, Toronto

Benya 538 College, Toronto

Beryl Spa 1375 Marine Dr, Vancouver

Best Asian Massage 278 NW 42nd St, Miami

Best Asian Massage 1671 NE 163 St, North Miami

Best Chinese Medicine 379 Danforth,

Best Enjoy 2922 King E, Kitchener

Best Enjoy Healthy Wellness Unknown, Mississauga

Best Massage Deal 1100 Dundas W, Mississauga

best massage deal , Brampton

Best Massage Deal , Etobicoke

Better Health Depot 2354 Major MacKenzie W, Maple

Bex Massage 15349 Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton

Beyond Paradise Massage 6510 118 Ave, Edmonton

Bi Cheng Health Centre 7750 Kennedy Road, Markham

Bianca Parklawn/Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Bianca , Toronto

Bibi Eglinton/Avenue Rd, Toronto

Birchmount 1510 1510 Birchmount, Scarborough

Birchmount and Finch Incall Silver Springs, Scarborough

Birchmount and Sheppard Birchmount and Sheppard, Scarborough

Birmingham ,

Old Bitcoin Store 123 Spadina, Toronto

Black Girl , Ottawa

Black Lady Carlton/Parliament, Toronto

Black Roma , Burlington

Black Swan 10097 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Blau Spa 4848 Yonge, North York

Bliss Garden 1961 Avenue, Toronto

Bliss Wellness Centre 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Bliss Adult Spa 1180 Oxford E, London

Bliss Wellness Centre 1958 Yonge, Toronto

Blissful 919 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Blonde 2017 ,

Blonde BackPage York Mills, Torono

Blondie Massage Spa 435 Bowes Rd, Vaughan

Bloor 3107 W 3107 Bloor St W, Etobicoke

Bloor 3269 3269 Bloor, Etobicoke

bloor 3271 3271 Bloor, Etobicoke

Bloor 712 712 Bloor, Toronto

RMT on Bloor 2323 Bloor W, Toronto

Bloor Street Wellness 214 Bloor E, Oshawa

Blossom Health Centre 1550 Bloor W, Toronto

Blu Spa 90 Yorkville, Toronto

Blue Spa 569 Yonge, Toronto

Blue Angel Spa 3021 Bathurst, North York

Blue Aura Spa 4130 Fairview, Burlington

Blue Eyes I 311 Bowes, Vaughan

Blue Flower Spa 2000 Eglinton W, Toronto

Blue Ivy 1235 Newmarket, Ottawa

Blue Lagoon Spa 1616 Matheson, Mississauga

Blue Moon Spa 1080 Tristar, Mississauga

Blue Moon Spa 318 Queenston Rd, Hamilton

Blue Moon Holistic 3547 St. Clair E, Scarborough

Blue Moon Spa 4512 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Blue Nile Health Clinic 350 Wilson, North York

Blue Ocean 165 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Blue One 1472 Dundas, London

Blue Pearl Spa 3598 Dufferin, North York

Blue Rain Spa & Wellness 414 Plains Rd E, Burlington

Blue River Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Blue Rose Spa 57 Elm, Toronto

Blue Rose Spa 59 Elm, Toronto

Blue Sea Spa 1924 Quebec, Regina

Blue Sea Spa 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Blue Sky Spa 5334 89 St NW, Edmonton

Blue Sky 421 Dundas W, Toronto

Blue Sky Spa 7665 Kennedy, Markham

Blue Star Spa 2304 Keele, North York

Blue Star 1 King William St, Huntsville

Blue Water Spa 1282 Howe, Vancouver

Bluville Wellness Centre 7725 Birchmount, Markham

Bobo Spa 816 Lansdowne, Toronto

Bobo Spa 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

Body and Mind 285 St Patrick, Ottawa

Body and Sole 550 Ontario St S, Milton

Body and Soul 91 Queen S, Kitchener

Body and Soul 1 East Mall, Etobicoke

Body and Soul Bloor ,

Body and Soul 1 East Mall, Etobicoke

Body and Soul Health Spa 2930 Islington, North York

Body Basics 2285 St Laurent S, Ottawa

Body Harmony 6117 Steeles W, North York

Body Vive 9750 Weston Rd, Vaughan

Body Works Spa 783 Brant, Burlington

Bodycare 12911 127 St, Edmonton

BodyCare 2201 Riverside, Ottawa

Bodyworks by Helen 12325 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor

Bohemian Spa 5315 Tomken, Mississauga

Bond 29 Bond, Oshawa

Boobacious Woodbine/Queen, Toronto

Booth Street Spa 330 Booth St, Ottawa

Boss Spa 982 Queensway, Etobicoke

Bowmanville Private - DELETE , Bowmanville

Bowmanville Small Office 90 Penfound Drive, Bowmanville

Bradford Unlisted, Bradford

Bramalea Two Levels 7370 Bramalea Rd, Mississauga

Brampton Spa Downtown 51 QUEEN ST E, Brampton

Brampton Wellness Centre 13 Queen St E, Brampton

Brant Street Brant Street, Burlington

Brantford Unlisted, Brantford

Brass Rail 701 Yonge, Toronto

Brazilian unknown, Toronto

Brazilian 1200 Derry Rd E, Mississauga

Breaktime Zone Spa 8 Glen Watford Dr, Scarborough

Brentwood Brentwood, Etobicoke

Breslau 2890 Victoria N, Breslau

Bright Life Spa 50 Lockridge, Markham

Bristol Road Chiropractic 512 Bristol Rd W, Mississauga

Britanny , Toronto

Broadways 610 Broadway, Winnipeg

Brock 153 153 Brock, Whitby

Brock 173 173 Brock, Whitby

Brock 185 185 Brock, Whitby

Ajax 508 Brock, Ajax

Brock 701 701 Brock,

Brock and Manning 840 Brock St N, Whitby

Brock Road 2200 Brock Rd, Pickering

Brock Road 981 ,

Brockhouse Rd 105-brockhouse.jpg, Etobicoke

Brookdale 1 Brookdale, Toronto

Brookdale Retail 1 Brookdale, Toronto

Brooke Bell Lundys/Main, Niagara Falls

Brown Sugar 6817 104th, Edmonton

Browns Line 320 320 Browns Line, Etobicoke

Alderwood 860 Browns Line 870 Browns Line,

Alderwood 870 Browns Line,

Brunswick Massage 73 Brunswick, Stratford

Bubble Spa 147a Main St Unionville, Markham

Bur Oak Massage 2913 Bur Oak, Markham

Burlington Indi , Burlington

Burlington Upscale , Burlington

Burnamthorpe 577 Bernamthorpe, Etobicoke

BYG Sauna 1177 Central Parkway W, Mississauga

CA Wellness Centre 4271 Sheppard E, Scarborough

CA Wellness Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

CA Wellness 1205 Ellesmere, Scarborough

CA Wellness , North York

Cabaret Ranch 1433 Highway 6, Falmborough

Caesar Spa Sheraton Parkway Hotel, Richmond Hill

Cafe Atlantis 5745 Atlantic, Mississauga

Cake Spa , Toronto

Caledonia Centre 2236 Eglinton W, Toronto

Medical House , Toronto

Puslinch 7377 Calfass Rd, Puslich

Calgary Asian Unlisted, Calgary

Campbellford 13 Park St, Campbellford

Campbellville 35 Crawford Crescent, Campbellville

Cancun Spa , Cancun

Candy , Edmonton

Candy Spa Massage Studio 10028 Whyte, Edmonton

Candy 3400 Keele, North York

Candy Sister Spa 9441 Jane, Vaughan

Candy Spa 28 South Unionville, Markham

Cannonball Cabaret 195 Advance, Brampton

Canotek , Ottawa

Canyon Avenue 25 Canyon Avenue, North York

Cara Studio 4180 Morris, Burlington

A & A Wellness 6 Cardiff Rd, Markham

Care & Cure 3085 Hurontario St, Mississauga

Care Of Me Health Centre 1258 Queensway, Etobicoke

CareValley Wellness Centre 806 Wilson, North York

Caribob 30 Caribob,

Caring Hands , Burlington

Carlton 179 179 Carlton St, Toronto

Carmen Downtown, Hamilton

Carmen's Spa 175 John St S, Hamilton

Carnation Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Carnation Wellness 8 Gallacher, Richmond Hill

Carrie's VIP 254 Gregoire Dr, Fort McMurray

Carrie's VIP Bodycare 2016 25th Ave NE, Calgary

Cashmere Spa 7050a Bramalea, Mississauga

Cassidy , Ottawa

Catharine Slater Street, Ottawa

CBQ 9737 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Cedar Pointe 4 Cedar Pointe, Barrie

Cedarhouse Spa 2225 Dundas E, Mississauga

Cee Cee 3268 Finch E, Scarborough

Central Spa 401 Main W, Hamilton

Centretown , Ottawa

Certified ,

Chanel Near 401, Pickering

Chanel , Toronto

Chantal Oakwood, Toronto

Charles 6 6 Charles, Toronto

Charlie T's 1101 Finch W, North York

Charlize Stanley Park, Kitchener

Chateau 2662 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport

Cheerful 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Cherished 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Cherry Finch/McCowan, Scarborough

Cherry Bomb Private Apt, North York

Chester Lee Chester Lee,

Chi Oriental Massage 1001 Ives Dairy Rd #204, Miami

Chic Spa 331 Eglinton E, Toronto

China Acupuncture ,

Chinese Happy Feet , Capetown

Chinese Incall 2019 1 Steeles and Mccowan, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 11 Sheppard&Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 12 Kennedy & Queen, Brampton

Chinese Incall 2019 13 Hwy7&Warden, Markham

Chinese Incall 2019 14 Sheppard/Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 15 Hwy7/Kennedy, Markham

Chinese Incall 2019 16 Hwy7&Warden, Markham

Chinese Incall 2019 17 Sheppard&Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 18 Hwy7&Warden, Markham

Chinese Incall 2019 19 Sheppard&Kennedy, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 2 Sheppard&Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 20 Sheppard/Don Mills, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 21 Markham, Markham

Chinese Incall 2019 22 Sheppard & DonMills, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 23 Finch&McCowan, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 24 Hwy7&Yonge, Richmond Hill

Chinese Incall 2019 4 Mississauga sq1, Mississauga

Chinese Incall 2019 5 Finch&Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 6 Sheppard&Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 7 Kennedy&Sheppard, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 8 Sheppard & Birchmount, Scarborough

Chinese Incall 2019 9 Birchmount & Sheppard, Scarborough

Chinese Medicine , Peterborough

Chloe 8754 50 Ave #201, Edmonton

Chrissy Queensway/Parklawn, Etobicoke

Christina Beauty Spa Private Condo, Scarborough

Christina , Toronto

Christine , Kingston

Christine Rural, La Nation

Christine , Niagara Falls

Church Wellness Centre 471 Church, Toronto

Queen/Church 145 1/2 Church Street, Toronto

Cinderella 4681 Highway 7 W, Markham

Cindy , Scarborough

Cintria 1958 Yonge, Toronto

Cityview ,

CJ Health Centre 7750 Kennedy, Markham

Claireport Spa 20 Claireport, Etobicoke

Claire's Health Clinic 5320 Yonge, North York

Clarington ,

Clarington Bodyrub , Clarington

Classic Spa 151 Brunel, Mississauga

Classic Beauty Care & Spa 5100 Rutherford, Vaughan

Classic Comfort Spa 225 13 St, Lethbridge

Classy Spa 92 Avenue, Toronto

Classy Beauty Spa 324 Somerset, Ottawa

Clear , Toronto

Cleopatras Spa 10722 107 Ave, Edmonton

Clinique Orientale 655 Decarie, Montreal

Cloud 9 11135 156th, Edmonton

Cloud 9 Spa 1230 Sheppard W, North York

Cloud 9 1705 Blair Rd, Cambridge

Cloud Nine 1806 52nd SE, Calgary

Cloud Pavillion 15 Glen Watford, Scarborough

Club 99 9599 Sunset, St. Thomas

Club D’Elite 1550 16th Avenue, Richmond Hill

Club Delux 680 Denison, Markham

Dynasty Ltd 7850 Woodbine, Markham

Club Eros 37 Bruce St, Kitchener

Club Madellyn Jae Merivale, Nepean

Club Madellyn Jae East Polytek St, Ottawa

Club Paradise 1313 Bloor W, Toronto

Club Pro 170 Doughton, Vaughan

Club Two Mountains 5225 Orbitor, Mississauga

CMY Harmony 25 Glendinning, Scarborough

Second Spring TCM 512 Walton, Cobourg

Coco Spa 4400 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Coco Massage College/Bay, Toronto

Coco , North York

Cold Moon Spa 820 Markham Rd, Scarborough

Come and Go Spa 1378 McIntyre St, Regina

Comfort Healing Centre 20 Wertheim Court, Richmond Hill

Comfort Healing Centre 4675 Steeles E, Scarborough

Comfort Spa 10593 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Comfort Zone 324 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill

Comfort Zone Spa 2931 Dufferin, North York

Comfort Zone 8380 Kennedy, Markham

Comfort Zone , Markham

Comfort Zone 7060 Warden, Markham

Concord Commercial , Vaughan

Consumers rd 2175 Sheppard E, North York

Coral Spa 160 King W, Hamilton

Core Link Wellness , Burlington

Corea Lee Unlisted, Edmonton

Corinne , Toronto

Coughlan Wellness Centre Pickering 2580 Brock, Pickering

Courtney ,

Cozy Day Spa 6X Browning Trail, Barrie

Gerrard 78a 78 Gerrard, Toronto

Roncesvalles 1714 Queen st w, Toronto

Rockin Garage Conversion! 740 Queen st w, Toronto

Crawford Crawford and Dundas, Toronto

Crimson Closet 10123-150st, Edmonton

Crown Spa 3598 Dufferin, North York

Crystal QEW/Hurontario, Mississauga

Crystal's Magic Touch 389 Queen St S, Kitchener

Crystal & Simon , Windsor

Crystal B Place 2428 Danforth, Toronto

Crystal Spa 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Crystal , Crystal

Crystal Spa 4155 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Crystal Unlisted, Windsor

Cutey Blue Spa 2025 Yonge, Toronto

Cynthia Health Spa QEW/Erin Mills, Mississauga

D & W Wellness 825 Bloor W, Toronto

Da Jiao Ya Health Centre 303 Spadina, Toronto

Dahlia Wellness Centre 4710 Yonge, North York

Dahlia ,

Daisy Spa 4801 Steeles W, North York

Daisy Spa 900 Middlefield Rd, Scarborough

Dakini , Toronto

Dakini Bliss Tantra East Ottawa, Ottawa

Dames de Piques 3705 A, Lévis, Qc

Dan 154 Bedford Rd, Toronto

Dandx Health Centre 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Danforth 1811 Danforth, Toronto

Danforth Beaches Beaches,

Danforth Road 777 Danforth Rd, Scarborough

Daniella , North York

Daria Outcall, Toronto

Dasha ,

Davenport 1927 Davenport, Toronto

David Tea Location 3264 Yonge S, Toronto

DC Wellness Centre 111 Times Ave, Markham

TCM College 7130 Warden Avenue, Markham

DC Wellness 111 Times Ave, Richmond Hill

Debra Gray Massage Near Royal Jubilee Hospital, Victoria

Deep Tissue Clinic 64 Barrack St, Kingston

Deep Tissue Massage 101 Baldwin, Toronto

Deja Vu 8720 Lundys, Niagara Falls

Deja Vu Massage 16620 109th, Edmonton

Del Sol Spa 11445 124 St, Edmonton

Delight Foot Spa 714 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga

Delinto Spa 3814 Bloor W, Etobicoke

Delta Spa & Wellness 4421 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Denise Ellesmere and Morningside,

Sheppard at Vic Park 2941 Sheppard W, Scarborough

Derry Wellness 2891 Derry Rd E, Mississauga

Destiny Downtown Toronto, Toronto

Destinys Spa 289 Rutherford, Brampton

Details Garden Spa 77 Light Street, Woodstock

DHS Spa 877 Sheppard W, North York

Diamond 9033 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Diamond's Cabaret 1820 Dundas E, Mississauga

Diamond Spa 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Dianna ,

Dignity Spa 829 Albion, Etobicoke

Discovery Day Spa 5261 Hwy 7, Markham

Diva Spa 160 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Diva's 226 Kenilworth N, Hamilton

Divas Lounge 26 Melanie, Brampton

Divine Tantric Touch , Ottawa

Divya , Mississauga

Asian 5444 Dixie, Mississauga

Dixie Square Health Clinic 5120 Dixie, Mississauga

DJ Bobo 4350 Bathurst, North York

Dolis 98 High Hill, Scarborough

Dolis Kennedy/MajorMac, Markham

Dolly West End, Toronto

Donna Unlisted, Windsor

Double Hapiness 900 McDonald, Regina

Double Tree Spa 4271 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Dovercourt 863 Dovercourt, Toronto

Downsview Spa 3326 Keele, North York

Crystal Clear Thai Massage Downsview Flea Market, North York

Downtown , Toronto

Downtown Office Downtown, Toronto

Downtown Scam Downtown, Toronto

Downtown Wellness And Foot 49 Elm, Toronto

Dr. Hugs Sheppard/Brimley, North York

Dr Zhou 5285 Major Mackenzie Dr, Markham

Dragon Spa 669 Major Mackenzie E, Richmond Hill

Dragon Spa 3286 Cambie, Vancouver

Drayton Valley River Ridge Estates, Drayton Valley

Dream Spa 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Dream Health Spa 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Dream Spa 3598 Dufferin, North York

Dream Touch Spa 4190 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Drumlin ,

Dufferin 3614 Dufferin, North York

Dufferin 2851 2851 DUFFERIN ST, Toronto

Dufferin Dufferin/Wilson Coffee Time, North York

Dufferin and St Clair 1278 St.Clair W, Toronto

Dulcibella Girlz 6070 Highway 7, Markham

Duncan Place , Ottawa

Whitby 800 SqFt 1121 Dundas St E, Whitby

Dundas 1672 1672 Dundas, Mississauga

Agent Dundas 1900 #2 1900 Dundas, Mississauga

Dundas-1910 1910 Dundas,

Dundas-209 209 Dundas, Whitby

Dundas-215 215 Dundas, Whitby

Dundas 2922 2922 Dundas St W, Toronto

Dundas 4168 4168 Dundas St W, Etobicoke

Dundas 4242 4242 Dundas, Etobicoke

Dundas 5140 5140 Dundas, Etobicoke

Kipling Station Area 5144 Dundas St W, Etobicoke

Dundas 801 E 801 Dundas E, Etobicoke

Dundas/Bathurst ,

Dundas E 201 201 Dundas St E, Toronto

Dundonald Russians ,

Dunlop Health Center 304 Dunlop W, Barrie

Dunlop 110 110 Dunlop, Whitby

Dupont 1224 1224 Dupont, Toronto

Dupont 18 18 Dupont, Toronto

Dynamic Duo Yonge/St. Clair, Toronto

Dynasty Health Centre 8 Glen Watford Dr, Scarborough

E&M Health & Wellness Centre 7665 Kennedy, Markham

E Relax Spa 4271 Sheppard E, Scarborough

E Spa 12 Jutland St, Etobicoke

E T Osteo Relief Clinic 3060 Dundas St W, Toronto

Eagle Street 249 Eagle Street, Newmarket

Earth Body Oasis 30 Gibson Dr, Markham

East Asian Massage Centre 252 Bradford Street, Barrie

East Charm Spa 727 Victoria Ave, Regina

Eastern 353 353 EASTERN AVE, Toronto

Eastern 830 Eastern Ave, Toronto

Easy Health Centre 377 Burnhamthorpe Road E, Mississauga

Easy Health Centre 6464 Yonge, North York

Easy Health Centre 4211 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Easy Health Centre 1571 Sandhurst Circle, Scarborough

Easy Health Centre 17120 Leslie, Newmarket

Easy Wellness 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Easy Life Spa 678 Finch E, North York

Ebony Danforth/Pape, Toronto

Edam Health 644 Wilson, North York

Eglinton Spa 952 Eglinton W, Toronto

Eglinton 1637 Eglinton W, Toronto

Space for rent 2427 Eglinton Ave, North York

265 Eglinton W 265 Eglinton W, Toronto

Mount Pleasant and Eg 333 Eglinton East, Toronto

Eglinton and Dixie , Mississauga

Eglinton Way Wellness 357 Eglinton W, Toronto

Eilaty Spa 120 Carlton,

Elegance 1710B St-Denis, Montreal

Elegance Massage 1216 Rue Drummond, Montreal

Elegance Health Centre 750 Oakdale, North York

Elegant Spa 3127 Dufferin, North York

Elena , New Hamburg

Eling Unlisted, Brampton

Elita Beauty Health Design 617 Mount Pleasant, Toronto

Elite Massage Therapy , Burlington

Elite Health Spa 5178 Dundas W, Etobicoke

Elite Gentleman's Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Elite Retreat 852 Queensway, Etobicoke

Elite Studio Spa 70 Silver Star, Scarborough

Elite Spa 4820 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Elite Wellness Centre 250 Innisfil St, Barrie

Elixir 559 Pelissier, Windsor

Ella Massage Sheppard/Don Mills, North York

Ella Spa 10223 St Laurent, Montreal

Ellagance Wellness Centre 8099 Weston, Vaughan

Elm JianKang Care 669 Major Mackenzie E, Richmond Hill

Elora Spa 58 Wellington, Elora

Elysium 1922 9 Ave SE, Calgary

Emily , Ottawa

Emma Spa 2300 John St, Thornhill

Emma Unlisted, Mississauga

Encore Spa 10149 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Energy Balance Spa 1202 Eglinton W, North York

Energy Spa 631 Bloor W, Toronto

Energy Wellness Centre 290 Yorktech Dr, Markham

Energy Spa 10 Buttermill Ave, Vaughan

Enigma 1670 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Enjoy Holistic Center 537 Danforth Rd, Scarborough

Entertainment District King/John, Toronto

Entice 1325 Eglinton E, Mississauga

Envy Health Centre 17120 Leslie, Newmarket

Era Studio 36 Stoffel, Etobicoke

Erika Unlisted, Milton

Esabel Massage 628 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Escape Health Studio 351 Parkhurst, Brampton

Escape Spa 121 Ainslie N, Cambridge

Escape Spa for Men 10048 Keele, Vaughan

Escape Holistic 1201 St. Clair W, Toronto

Essence 110 Melvin, Hamilton

Estique Spa 11160 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Etobicoke Spa 5487 Dundas St W, Etobicoke

Steeles 6923 Ave W 6923 Steeles Ave W, Etobicoke

Etobicoke Office Unknown, Etobicoke

Euphoria Health Spa 1561 Dupont, Toronto

Euphoria , Peterborough

Euphoria Spa 3833 Midland, Scarborough

Euro Holistic Centre 325 Weston, Toronto

Euro Angels Spa 1270 Finch W, North York

Euro Girl Bathurst & Green Lane West, Newmarket

Euro Grimsby 76 Main, Grimsby

Eurohaven 7955 Torbram, Brampton

European Spa 3466 Dundas W, York

European Health Centre 625 Queensway, Etobicoke

European Touch 5035 Hurontario, Mississauga

European Massage and Physiotherapy Centre 1140 Burnhamthorpe W, Mississauga

Eva 1441 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Eva Wellness Retreat 8261 Walnut Rd, Brampton

Eva Spa 1061 Midland, Scarborough

Eva 803 Brimley, Scarborough

Evangelista , Toronto

Evans 313 313 Evans, Etobicoke

Ever Beauty Med Centre ,

Ever Green Spa Centre 1827 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Ever Young 709 Mount Pleasant, Toronto

Evergreen Beauty & Wellness 422 Dundas W, Toronto

Evergreen Spa 1205 Hurontario, Mississauga

Evergreen Diet Spa 3680 Victoria Park, North York

Excellent Spa 1331 Warden, Scarborough

Excellent Wellness 1550 South Gateway, Mississauga

Excellent 141 Dunlop, Barrie

Excellent Spa 398 Ferrier, Markham

Exclusive Spa 461 Dunlop, Barrie

Executive Spa 450 St Paul Street, Brantford

Executive Bath 835 Ellice, Winnipeg

Executive Wellness 195 Simcoe N, Oshawa

Exotic City 532 Evans, Etobicoke

Extreme Bodycare 11050 156 Street, Edmonton

Exxotica 18 Barton E, Hamilton

Fairbanks Hotel 2418 Dufferin, Toronto

Fairland Wellness Centre 9555 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Fairway Spa 147 Fairway N, Kitchener

Fantasia Foot Spa 2890 Major Mackenzie E, Markham

Fantastic Spa 3429 Lakeshore W, Etobicoke

Fantasy Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Fantasy Studio 2742 Lindley St., Bridgeport

Fasinations 8700 Lundys Lane, Niagara Falls

Feel Better 259 Albert Street., Belleville

Feel Good Spa 10225 Yonge, Richmond Hill

FeiYan Health Centre 623 Bloor W, Toronto

Feng Rong Spa 347 Broadview, Toronto

Filipino 2014 , Toronto

Filipino Fairview , North York

Filipino May , Toronto

Filipino Outcall , Toronto

Filmores 212 Dundas E, Toronto

Finch Wellness Centre 2400 Finch W, North York

Finch 1300 1300 Finch W, North York

Finch/VictoriaPark ,

First Care Massage 1711 McCowan, Scarborough

First Spring Spa 4221 Sheppard, Scarborough

Five Senses 354 Wellington, London

Five Star Spa 4801 Steeles W, North York

Five Star Asian , Toronto

Flirt Spa 3701 Chesswood, North York

Flirt Spa 1003 Finch W, North York

Flirt Spa 3680 Victoria Park, North York

Flower Spa 2931 Dufferin, North York

Foot Miles 667 Gerrard E, Toronto

Foot Spa 5465 Yonge, North York

Footscape Reflexology Spa 350 Highway 7, Richmond Hill

For Your Eyes Only 563 King W, Toronto

Forbidden Pleasure QEW/Hurontario, Mississauga

Forest Health Centre 1061 Midland, Scarborough

Forest Hill Health Studio 365 Eglinton W, Toronto

Forever Health Centre 2190 Warden, Scarborough

Formosa Relaxology 3229 Hwy 7, Markham

Fort Road Studio 12040 Fort NW, Edmonton

Fountain of Life Spa Mobile, Ajax

Four Season Health Centre 794 St. Clair W, Toronto

Four Season Health Spa Splendid China Centre, Scarborough

Four Seasons 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Four Seasons 2 Carlton Street, Toronto

Four Seasons Spa 877 Alness, North York

Fowler 1980 Fowler, Mississauga

Fox Spa Secret Location, Toronto

Foxes Den 4717 Kingsway, Burnaby

Frederick Drive Guelph 64 Frederick Street, Guelph

Freelife Health Centre 4631 Steeles E, Scarborough

Freshway Spa 30 Freshway, Vaughan

Fugace 102-1 St-Jean-Baptiste, Chateauguay

Fuji Natural Comfort 5460 Highway 7, Markham

Fuji 48 George St N, Cambridge

Fujiyama Spa 3300 McNicoll, Scarborough

Full Life Healthy Centre 7220 Kennedy, Markham

G&P Wellness Centre 4599 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

G8 Holistic 824 Queensway, Etobicoke

Gabriella Bloor and Dixie, Mississauga

Galaxy 48 Galaxy, Etobicoke

Garden of Eden Spa 549 Kenilworth N, Hamilton

Geary 88 88 Geary, Toronto

Gem Spa 2163 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Gemma ,

Gems Spa 633 Bloor W, Toronto

Gentle Touch Spa 7453 Gaetz, Red Deer

Gentleman's Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Gentleman's Club 70 Windmill Road, Dartmouth

Gentleman's Massage Club 205 St. George St, Moncton

Gentlemen Paradise 2075. Avenue Branly, Ste-Foy

Gentlemen Retreat 3631 Dundas W, Toronto

George's Health Clinic 80 Silver Stream, Richmond Hill

Georgetown 185 Mountainveiw Road Nth, Georgetown

Georgetown Plaza 10 Mountainview S, Georgetown

Gerrard Street East 298. 298 Gerrard E, Toronto

Get Max Spa 315 Royal W Dr, Brampton

GetWell Clinic 649 Sheppard W, North York

Gigi Spa 4400 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Gigi 165 Fisher Mills, Cambridge

Gina's Spa , Waterloo

Ginger Aromatica , London

Girls du Loft Unlisted, Montreal

Giselle Wynford, North York

Giselle Holiday Drive, Etobicoke

Glamour Beauty Spa 1300 Finch W, North York

Glebe Unlisted, Ottawa

Glen Shields 80 Glen Shields, Concord

Glenanna Road Pickering 1885 Glenanna Rd, Pickering

Glorias 1033 Clarke, London

Go For Spa , Regina

Go For Spa Bamburg Circle, Scarborough

Go For Spa 670 Highway 7, Richmond Hill

Go Place Spa 3275 Hwy 7, Markham

Go Relax Spa 9002 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Goddess Enigma , Traveling

Gogo Spa 33 Essa, Barrie

Gold Wellness 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Gold Coast 3260 Midland, Scarborough

Gold Leaf Holistic 578 Yonge, Toronto

Gold Rose 1536 Warden, Scarborough

Gold Swan Spa 3021 Cambie St, Vancouver

Golden Spa 1362 Kennedy, Scarborough

Golden Apple Nail Spa 1076 Rutherford, Vaughan

Golden Foot 4271 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Golden Fountain 13 St. Clair W, Toronto

Golden Lin Spa 931 Danforth, Toronto

Golden Lotus Spa 8380 Kennedy, Markham

Golden Massage and Foot Spa Victoria Avenue, Regina

Golden Massage Centre 430 Dundas, Toronto

Golden Relax Spa 8321 Kennedy, Markham

Golden Rose Spa 2352 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Golden Rosewater 8791 Woodbine Ave, Markham

Golden Spa Unknown, Toronto

Golden Spa 366 Hespeler Rd, Cambridge

Golden Star Oriental Spa 518 Danforth Rd, Toronto

Golden Sunray Spa 4559 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Golden Swan Wellness 136 Lewis, Ottawa

Golden Tian 872 Eglinton E, Toronto

Golden Touch 9 Milvan, North York

Golden Touch 500 Drewry, North York

Golden Touch 690 King W, Kitchener

Golden Wellness Centre 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Golden Ying 2690 Danforth, Toronto

Golden Ying Spa 15225 Yonge, Aurora

Goldfinger 1268 Simcoe St N, Oshawa

Gondola Spa 8740 Jane, Vaughan

Good Energy Break Lawrence and Weston,

Good Foot Spa 5990 16th Ave, Markham

Good Hand Spa 174 Colonnade, Ottawa

Good One Spa 4779 Steeles E, Scarborough

Goodlife Wellness Center 670 Bloor W, Toronto

Goodmark Aromatherapy Centre 32 Goodmark, Etobicoke

Great 8 2140 Kipling, Etobicoke

Great Escape Spa 20 Main St W, Beeton

Green 1818 Eglinton W, Toronto

Green Apple Spa 1515 Birchmount, Scarborough

Green Apple Wellness Center 165 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Green Creek Wellness 7750 Kennedy, Markham

Green Hot Spa King St East, Oshawa

Green Leaf Health Centre 4801 Keele, North York

Green Leaf Health Care Centre 125 Gailmont Drive, Hamilton

Green Meridian Wellness Centre 1661 Denison, Markham

Green Spa 265 Queen St S, Mississauga

Green River Spa 381 Bering, Etobicoke

Green Spa 10212 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Green Spa & Nails 443 Queensway S, Keswick

Green Wellness Centre 50 Lockridge, Markham

Green Valley Wellness Center & Spa 830 Rowntree Dairy Rd, Vaughan

Green Wellness 6070 Highway 7, Markham

Green World Wellness Centre 4710 Yonge, North York

Green , Toronto

Greenleaf Spa 3301 McNicoll, Scarborough

Greenleaf Spa 900 Middlefield Rd, Scarborough

GreenWay Spa 4907 Yonge, North York

GreenWay Spa 4905 Yonge, North York

Grimsby Mountain Mountain St, Grimsby

Grimsby Spa 76 Main St W, Grimsby

Guelph Studio 226 Speedvale W, Guelph

Guerison Wellness 1170 Burnhamthorpe W, Mississauga

H & L Wellness Centre 4997 Highway 7 E, Markham

H2O Spa 2931 Dufferin, North York

Hair Salon 4030 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Hai Tian Health Centre 200 James S, Hamilton

Hamilton Mountain Wellness 710 Upper James St,

Holistic 4 Sale , Hamilton

Hamilton Wellness Spa 682 Concession, Hamilton

Hand & Stone 3621 Major MacKenzie, Vaughan

Hand and Stone 1808 Avenue Rd, Toronto

Hands From Heaven West 116 Orenda, Brampton

Hands From Heaven East 351 Parkhurst, Brampton

Hands of Gold 7205 Goreway, Mississauga

Hands of Healing Wellness Centre 3278 Midland, Scarborough

Hangzhou Relaxing Art 7077 Kennedy, Scarborough

Hanlon 20 20 Hanlon, Vaughan

Hanny Spa ,

Han's Weight Loss 7750 Kennedy, Markham

Han's Weight Loss 4390 Steeles E, Markham

Hao Yao Spa 4211 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Happiness Club 160 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Happy Butterfly Spa Massage & Sauna 5717 3 St SW, Calgary

Happy Feet , Montreal

Happy Feet 830 Sheppard W, North York

Happy Feet Spa 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

Happy Foot Spa 808 Britannia Rd W, Mississauga

Happy Foot 8611 Weston Rd, Vaughan

Happy Happy Spa 3330 Pharmacy, Scarborough

Happy Spa Highway 7 and MacCowan, Markham

Happy Spa 2065 Dundas St E, Mississauga

Harmony 1242 Queensway, Etobicoke

Harmony U Spa 788 Dundas W, Toronto

Harold Street 1A Harold Street, Etobicoke

Haven Dream Esthetics 409 McArthur, Ottawa

Haven RMT , Peterborough

Hawaii Spa 5525 Auteuil Brossard, Montreal

Hawaii Spa 3110 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Hawaii Spa 750 Oakdale, North York

Hawaii Salon 3486 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport

Head to Feet Wellness 7930 Dufferin, Vaughan

Mini Toe 7220 Kennedy, Markham

Head to Toe 110th, Calgary

Head to Toe Spa 7220 Kennedy Rd, Markham

Healing Spa 2359 Royal Windsor Drive, Mississauga

Healing Hands 10 Wynford Hgt Cr, North York

Healing Hands Massage Therapy Clinic 6 Adelaide St E, Toronto

Healing Hands Wellness and Spa 253 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Healing Hands , Moncton

Healing Health Spa 1164 Queensway, Etobicoke

Healing Holistic 2848 Dufferin, North York

Healing Room , Toronto

Healing Thai Massage 120 Sherbourne, Toronto

Healing Touch Therapy 550 Ontario St, Milton

Health & Happiness 120 Carleton, Toronto

Health & Wellness Centre 203 Barleson Ave, Kingston

Health & Happiness Wellness 467 Westney Rd S, Ajax

Health Care Foot Clinic 81 Huron St, Toronto

Health Foot Spa 38 Buttonfield Rd, Markham

Health Hub Wellness Centre 7381 Kennedy, Markham

Health International 366 Bay, Toronto

Health Is Here 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

Health Matters Chiropractic 3175 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan

Health Plus Spa 825 Bloor W, Toronto

Health Reflexology Center 322 Broadview, Toronto

Health Spa 219 Main W, Hamilton

Health Beauty Spa 324 Somerset, Ottawa

Health Spa 9278 120 St, Surrey

Health Tree Healing 609 Sargent, Winnipeg

Healthlane Beauty 324 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill

Healthy 7 Spa 2095 Weston, York

Healthy Foot Spa 3477 Yonge, Toronto

Healthy Root Clinic 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Heavenly Touch Spa 32 Goodmark, Etobicoke

Hebe 8754 50 Ave #201, Edmonton

Helen 3XX LakeSt, St. Catharines

Hemagination Spa 6119 Steeles W, Etobicoke

Herbal Well Spa 1 Kingston Rd, Toronto

Heritage 247 Main St N, Brampton

Hespeler 580 Hespeler, Cambridge

Hi-Spa 1719 Eglinton W, Toronto

High Energy Spa 155 Toryork, North York


Hintonburg Unlisted, Ottawa

Hoang Thy Nails 717 Mount Pleasant, Toronto

Holiday Spa 3517 Kennedy, Scarborough

Holistic , Toronto

Holistic Health Spa 336 Speedvale W, Guelph

Holistic Journey , Toronto

Holistic New Balance Spa 1124 Eglinton W, Toronto

Holistic Spa $50,000 Lakeshore/Kipling, Etobicoke

Holly Hurontario/QEW,

Hollywood Spa 4578 Yonge, North York

Hollywood Cherry , Hamilton

Honee Parlay Dufferin/Lawrence, Toronto

Honey Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Honeybabe Sheppard & DonMills, Scarborough

Hong Health Centre 3330 Midland, Scarborough

Horner 430 ,

Hot Ace , Toronto

Hot Latinas 18X Mullock, Toronto

Hot Rock Sauna Spa 8791 Woodbine, Markham

Hot Stone Massage 86 Ringwood, Stouffville

Hot Yoga Markham 3621 Highway 7 E, Markham

Olfer's House of Beauty 2340 Dundas Street W, Toronto

House of Lancaster 689 Queensway, Etobicoke

House of Lancaster II 1215 Bloor W, Toronto

HR Wellness Center 1025 King St E, Cambridge

Hue Spa ,

Hui Shi Spa 157 Bayfield, Barrie

Huntersfield Huntersfield, Ottawa

Hurontario 3035 Hurontario, Mississauga

Hurontario Incall 2465 Hurontario, Mississauga

Hush Studio 1412 Victoria N, Kitchener

Hush Spa Unlisted, St. John's

Hush , St John's

HZ Beauty Spa 3251 Kennedy, Scarborough

I & P Studio 370 Browns Line, Etobicoke

I Cares Wellness 8339 Kennedy Rd, Markham

I Relax 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

I Spa 6 Wellesley W, Toronto

I Spa 3621 Highway 7 E, Markham

I Spa 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

Ideal 3 Pl. du Commerce, Montreal

Ideal Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Ideal 9117 Derry, Milton

Ideal 550 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill

Ideal Spa and Wellness Centre 253 Queen St E, Brampton

Illusions 1637 Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal

iMassage 7706 Kennedy Rd, Markham

Imperial Health 2810 Victoria Park, North York

Imperial Health Spa Clinic 5885 Bathurst, North York

Imperial Spa 1900 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Imperial Health Spa Clinic 568 Sheppard W, North York

In Health Wellness Centre 3100 Dixie, Mississauga

In Health Centre 3778 Bathurst, North York

In Health Centre 750 Oakdale, North York

In Home Massage Outcall, Toronto

Indian Deep Relaxing ,

Indian Girl 5152 Henri Bourrasa, Montreal

Indian Massage Unlisted, Etobicoke

Indian Woman , Brampton

Infinity Spa 1033 Wyandotte W, Windsor

Ingo Beauty Wellness 4779 Steeles E, Scarborough

InHouse VIP , Markham

inRelax Spa 7170 Warden, Markham

Inside Out Wellness Centre 3560 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan

InSpa 7355 Bayview, Markham

Intelligent Body 1896 Weston Rd, York

intelligentbodymassage ,

Interlude Spa 10204 125 St NW, Edmonton

International Shiatsu 50 Yorkville, Toronto

Internationals 174X St. Clair, Toronto

Invisible Touch 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Irina 30 Manordale Cr, Vaughan

Iris Spa 803 Brimley, Scarborough

Yonge/Irwin Unknown Yonge/Irwin, Toronto

Isabel Spa 628 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga

Isabella , Windsor

Islington Aromatherapy 2304 Islington, Etobicoke

Islington 142 142 Islington, Etobicoke

Italian Lady , Mississauga

Ive burnhamthorpe and mill road,

One Spa 1034 Ivsbridge Blvd, Newmarket

Ivy Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Ivy Foot Comfort Spa 7887 Weston, Vaughan

Ivy Garden Spa 1150 Birchview Dr, Mississauga

Ivy Spa 119 North Service E, Oakville

IWell Wellness 1061 Midland, Scarborough

IWell Wellness 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

J & J Spa Unknown, York Region

J & L Health Care Centre 9665 Bayview, Richmond Hill

J & T Comfort Spa 1268 Simcoe St N, Oshawa

J Lin Massage & Beauty Spa 677 Queensway, Etobicoke

J-Town Spa 4710 Yonge, North York

Jacqueline , Toronto

Jade , Toronto

Jade Wellness Spa Clinic 3050 Yonge, Toronto

Jade , Miami

Jade Nail 3150 Highway 7 E, Markham

Jade Sauna 1177 Central Parkway W, Mississauga

J'adore 7955 Torbram, Brampton

Jaileys Health Studio 5411 Gateway, Edmonton

Jameson 99 Dowling, Toronto

Janae Morningside and Sheppard,

Coco Beauty Bar 16 Jane, Toronto

Jane 881 881 Jane, Toronto

Jane 901 901 Jane, Toronto

Janet Jameson Downtown, Toronto

Japanese ,

Jasmin Spa 49 Elm, Toronto

Jasmine , Ottawa

Jasmine Spa 304 Dunlop W, Barrie

Jasmine Health Centre 760 Pacific, Oakville

Jasmine Salon 40 Summerfield Ave., Bridgeport

Jasmine Spa 207 Dundas St E, Trenton

Jason For Women 40+ , Toronto

JaXXX 2847 Lake Shore W, Etobicoke

Jaymini Care 608 Queensway, Etobicoke

JBH Health Centre 7725 Birchmount, Markham

JBY Health Centre 7725 Birchmount, Markham

Jee Jee , Miami

Jenna , Toronto

Jenna , Toronto

Jenna 401/404, Toronto

Jenna Fransisco , London

Jenna Sheppard/Kennedy, Scarborough

Jenni 91XX Jane, Vaughan

Jennifer Downtown, Toronto

Jenny Dundas/Confederation, Mississauga

Jenny Spa Michigan Ave, Brampton

Jenny , Langley

Jenny's Healing Touch ,

Jessica Yonge/Sheppard, North York

Jessica Dark Belmont and Victoria St, Waterloo

Jessica Various, Etobicoke

Jessica Sinclair Danforth/Broadview, Toronto

Jessica Steele , Toronto

Jessie Erin Mills, Mississauga

Jessie 3 Pembroke St, Toronto

Jewish Lady Yonge and Sheppard, North York

Jia 334 King W, Kitchener

Jia Spa 280 Victoria N, Kitchener

Jilly's 106 Broadview, Toronto

Jin Clinic ,

Jin Jin Holistic Centre 1061 Midland, Scarborough

Jinhao Sauna 980 Denison, Markham

JJ Spa 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

JJ 5500 Dufferin, North York

JJ Elite Spa 322 1/2 Bloor W, Toronto

JJ 5441 Yonge, North York

JN Health & Welness Centre 280 Sheppard E, North York

Joey , Edmonton

Johanna Palmerston, Toronto

Jolie Salon & Spa 3214 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke

Josephine Spa 280 Browns Line, Etobicoke

Joy Wellness Clinic , North York

Joyce Wellness 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Joyce Skytrain Joyce Skytrain, Vancouver

Joye's 1235 Albert St, Regina

Joyful Spa 8108 Yonge, Markham

Joyful Oriental Spa 3203 Dufferin, North York

Joyful Oriental Spa 534 Eglinton W, Toronto

JP Natural Centre 136 Main Street, Unionville ON

JR 19 Weber St E, Kitchener

Ju Feng 437 Dundas, Toronto

Juan Spa 8787 Woodbine, Markham

Julia Wellness Centre 4801 Steeles W, North York

Juliana's Tokyo 239 Queen E, Brampton

Julie Bathurst/Eglinton, Toronto

Julie , Orleans

Julieanna Penny Royal Cr, Ottawa

Thai 60 Gloucester, Toronto

Jun Jun Spa 374 College, Toronto

Jun Jun Spa 255 Queen W, Toronto

Junction 2020 3126 Dundas W, Toronto

June's Health Centre 1940 Appleby Line, Burlington

Just Ease Spa 2626 Yonge, Toronto

Just Pur 4976 Dundas W, Etobicoke

Just Relax 160 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Just Relax Oct 2016 6545 Highway 7, Markham

Just Your Touch 630 1 NE, Calgary

K Spa 4227 Sheppard Ave, Scarborough

KaHuna Temple ,

Kalaya Spa 946 Queensway, Etobicoke

Kali , Toronto

Kama 1182 Crescent, Montreal

Kama 1321 De Maisonneuve E, Montreal

Kamasutra 1241 Foy, Montreal

Kanai Spa 130 Mill Street E, Acton

Kandy Thai Princess ,

Kara Nail Spa 106 Humber College Blvd, Etobicoke

Karachi Health 15 Karachi Drive, Markham

Karen 4740 Seminole, Windsor

Karmen 1888 Wilson, North York

Kasa Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Katarzyna Tranquility and Healing 315 Birchmount, Scarborough

Katelyn Various Hamilton/Grimsby, Hamilton

Kathy None, Vancouver

Kathy Hamilton Mountain, Hamilton

Katia ,

Katia , Toronto

Katie 461 Kerr, Oakville

Katie 4350 Bathurst, North York

Katie/Azeta None, Toronto

Katie Bathurst, Toronto

Katie Downtown East, Toronto

Katrina , Markham

Katrina Unlisted, New Westminster

Kats Meow Unknown, London

Katy Keele/Eglinton, Toronto

Katy's Massage 206 King E, Kitchener

Katy ,

Kawaii Spa 574 Yonge, Toronto

Kawaii Spa 2015 2 Dundonald, Toronto

Kay Bathurst/Sheppard, North York

Kay's Hong Kong 604 North Ave, Bridgeport

Kayla Lakeshore/Spadina,

Kayla Unlisted, Toronto

Kayla and Alyssa Unlisted, Toronto

Kaylie Dufferin, Toronto

Keele Incall 3400 Keele, North York

Keele and Finch for Sale 1270 Finch, North York

Keele Street 2310 Keele, North York

Kelaima 855 Bloor W, Toronto

Kelly Jenny Lily Park Inn, Richmond Hill

Kelly Spa 302 Wellington E, Aurora

Kelly Spa 3323 Bayview, North York

Kendra Yonge/Eglinton, Toronto

Kendra , Unknown

Kendra's Red House Wood St, St. Johns

Kennedy 1260 1260 Kennedy, Scarborough

Footprint Wellness 3477 Kennedy, Scarborough

Kennedy 3477 at Steeles 3477 Kennedy, Scarborough

Kennedy's 6355 Kennedy, Mississauga

Kensignton Pop-up 178 Baldwin Street, Toronto

Kerala Ayurveda 2645 Islington, Etobicoke

Kerala Ayurveda , Mississauga

Kerr Village Retail in Oakville 72 Florence, Oakville

Kevin ,

Keystone 17 Paradise Rd South, Westdale

Kiki Unlisted, Oshawa

Kiki Manston Crescent, Markham

Kilimani Massage , Nairobi

Kim Outcall, Toronto

Kim , Toronto

Kim Unlisted, Toronto

Kim Outcall Asian various, Toronto

King 333 333 King, Oshawa

King Sherman 893 King E, Hamilton

King Thai Massage & Midori Day Spa 15 St Clair W, Toronto

King Thai Spa 3605 Sheppard E, Scarborough

King William Crescent 75 king william crescent, Richmond Hill

Kings Court Massage 15349-Stony Plain Rd, Edmonton

Kings Island Spa 121 Ainslie St N, Cambridge

Kings VIP Spa 535 Evans, Etobicoke

Kingston Wellness 303 Bagot St, Kingston

Kingston 780 ,

Kingston 1448 ,

Kipling 1570 1570 Kipling, Etobicoke

Pearl , Kingston

Kingston Rd 1099 1099 Kingston Rd, Pickering

Kingston Rd 1099 #248 1099 Kingston Road, Pickering

Kingston Road 1105 Kingston Rd, Pickering

Kingston Rd 2252 2252 Kingston Rd, Cliffside

Kingston Rd 3704 3704 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Kingston 3785 3785 Kingston Rd,

Kingston 611 611 Kingston Road, Pickering

Kingsway 270 Kingsway, Etobicoke

Kingsway Asian Spa 10408 118 Ave, Edmonton

Kipling 855 855 Kipling, Etobicoke

Kirwin 3170 Kirwin, Mississauga

Kitty Spa 557 Eglinton W, Toronto

Kjah Wellness Centre 3278 Midland, Scarborough

KomSati Yonge/College, Toronto

Korean ,

Korean Body Scrub 3044 Kirwin, Mississauga

Korean , North York

Koreans 3601 Victoria Park, Scarborough

Kotomi Miyako 150 Eglinton, Toronto

Kristinas 1664 Queen W, Toronto

Krystal , Toronto

Ks Therapy 1367 Wellington, Ottawa

Kung Fo Foot Bar 3700 Midland, Scarborough

KungFu Wellness Centre 398 Ferrier, Markham

Kylie Dundas/Landsdowne, Toronto

L'Merage 4647 Kingsway, Burnaby

L&S Health Care 1288 Weston Road, Toronto

Lala Spa 5336 Yonge, North York

La Monny Spa 4681 Highway 7 E, Markham

Montrealaise , Montreal

La Reve 7955 Torbram, Brampton

L.A. Wellness 2246 Birchmount, Scarborough

L.A North Spa 4721 Highway 7, Markham

Suite 7407 St Hubert, Montreal

Suite Montreal 5173 ave du Parc, Montreal

La V Health & Spa 20 Main, Markham

La Vi Wellness Centre 383 Main St. N, Markham

La Vie Spa 8740 Jane, Vaughan

La Vie Spa 10 Strada, Vaughan

La Villa Spa 634 Park Rd S, Oshawa

Ladybird 557 Eglinton W, Toronto

Lafe Spa 635 Pharmacy, Scarborough

Laime 290 King W, Hamilton

LakeOasis Wellness Centre 1865 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Lakeshore Health Center 1171 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Lakeshore 1718 , Etobicoke

Kingsway Health By The Lake 2405 Lake Shore Blvd W, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2733 2733 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2755 A - GONE 2755 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2755 B 2755 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2755 D 2755 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2865 , Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2891 2891 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 2897 2897 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

lakeshore 3039 3039 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

lakeshore 3210 3210 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

lakeshore 3259 3259 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3297 3297 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3308 3308 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3409 3409 Lakeshore,

Lakeshore 3230 3230 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3432 3432 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3440 3440 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

lakeshore 3509 3509 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3709 Lakeshore 3709, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3759 3759 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 3809 3809 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 760-2 760 Lakeshore, Etobicoke

Lakeshore 760 760 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Lakeshore East Spa 630 Ford Dr, Oakville

Lakeshore Blvd W 3102 3102 Lakeshore W, Etobicoke

Lakeshore Wellness 298 Lakeshore W, Mississauga

Lakeside Spa 4379 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Lakeview Wellness Centre 10 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga

Lala Derry, Mississauga

Lala Land Beauty and Health Centre 825 Denison, Markham

Lala 568 Yonge, Toronto

LaMon Spa 4681 Highway 7 E, Markham

Lamoon Spa 333 Eglinton E, Toronto

Lamora Mooneys Bay, Ottawa

L' Amour Massage 1247 Metcalfe 3rd floor, Montreal

Lana Davisville, Toronto

Landing Strip 191 Carlingview, Etobicoke

Landsdowne , Toronto

Lansdowne Unknown, Toronto

Latin Girls 2 Armel Court, North York

Latin Lucy Bathurst and Lawrence, North York

Latina Bayview Sheppard, North York

Latina 2013 , Toronto

Latinas , North York

Lauries 1057 Parkinson, Woodstock

Laval Nuru Massage 2049 Autoroute 440 N, Laval

Lavander Wellness 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Lavender Spa 5443 Yonge, North York

Lavender 685 Plains Rd E, Burlington

Lavender Day Spa 2469 Yonge, Toronto

Lavender Spa 1595 Victoria N, Kitchener

Lawrence Spa 2007 Lawrence W, North York

Lawrence East 1829 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Eden Incall 1843 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Asians 1827 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Lawrence 701 , North York

Lawrence 188X Lawrence E, Scarborough

Layla Queen/Broadview, Toronto

Layla Outcall, Ottawa

LD Luxury Spa 1575 Clarkson N, Mississauga

Le Medspa Centre , Markham

Notre Dame 1418 rue Notre Dame Ouest, Laval

Le Priv , Quebec City

Royal Spa 5180 Chemin Queen Mary, Montreal

Le Sanctuaire , Quebec City

Le Spa Oasis 3621 Highway 7 E, Markham

Le Spa Oasis 302 John St, Markham

Lea's Health Care 27 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

Leaside , Toronto

Leaside Wellness Centre 792 Eglinton E, Toronto

Lebanese , Oshawa

Studio 69 Lebovic, Scarborough

Lee , Etobicoke

Legends Spa 10592 109 St, Edmonton

Leisure Health Centre 25 Hart, Barrie

Leisure Health Center 625 Greenhill, Hamilton

Leisure Zone , Markham

Lemon Holistic 75 Huron St, Toronto

Lemon Tree Spa 3380 Midland, Scarborough

Lemon Tree Spa 4155 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Lena , Richmond Hill

Leona Unlisted, Mississauga

Leslie Healthcare 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Let's Relax Foot Spa 3621 Hwy 7 E, Markham

Hot Top Pix 520 13th St North, Lethbridge

Lets Relax Spa 10048 Keele, Vaughan

Levada Spa 1 Livingstone, Grimsby

Lexa Studio 840 Browns Line, Etobicoke

Lexi Uptown, Toronto

Lexi Lay Yonge and King, Toronto

LH Health Studio 1699 Bayview, Toronto

Best Enjoy Health Center 2922 King E, Kitchener

Liberty Village Liberty Village, Toronto

Lifemark 4500 Highway 7, Vaughan

Lighthouse Massage 340 Ontario, Stratford

Lili Body Care 4246 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Lily , North York

Lily Spa 304 Dunlop W, Barrie

Lily Spa 99 Station St, Belleville

Lily Health Centre 3429 Lakeshore W, Etobicoke

Lily , Hull

Lily Spa 5762 Highway 7 E, Markham

Lily Health Studio 3330 Midland Ave, Scarborough

Lily Spa 3700 Midland, Scarborough

Lily's Massage 385 Silver Star, Scarborough

Limnos Wellness 3537 Fairview, Burlington

Lin Spa 420 Wilson, North York

Lina Bloor W, Toronto

Linda Shuter House 118 Shuter, Toronto

Lingam Condo, Ottawa

Lion's Den 182 Alberta, Saskatoon

Lisa Duxbury Drive, Scarborough

Lisa's Health Centre 32 South Unionville Ave, Markham

Lisa & Cindy Finch & 400, North York

Liv 400 Cure-Labelle, Laval

Lively Foot Massage 2666 W 4th Ave,

Livia ,

Lixonia Spa , North York

Liz Clinic 25 Bertran Ermshaw, Markham

LLA Spa 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

Lodestar 1540 Lodestar, North York

Loraine Laney None, Vancouver

Lori , London

Lorjus Massage 1102 Centre St, Markham

Lotus Flower Spa 1 Reidmount Ave, North York

Lotus Massages 4509 Sideroad 20 N, Guelph

Lotus Shiatsu 65 Wellesley, Toronto

Lotus Spa 665 Barton E, Hamilton

Lotus Spa 688 Hespeler, Cambridge

Lotus 8776 Rue Lajeunesse, Montreal

Lotus Spa 647 Davis Drive, Newmarket

Lotus Beauty Spa 5336 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Red Rose Spa 991 King St E, Kitchener

Lotus Wellness 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Energy Healing 30 Louisa St, Kitchener

Love Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Love Feet Spa 3641 Wolfedale Road, Mississauga

Loveable Touch Bathurst/Lakeshore, Toronto

Lower Jarvis , Toronto

Lower Junction Unlisted,

Lowther Ave LOWTHER AVE, Toronto

LSJ 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Luana Dufferin/Eglinton, Toronto

Lucie Markham Rd/Sheppard E, Scarborough

Lucky Health Centre 174 Lakeshore Rd E, Oakville

Lucky Beans 1493 Wyandotte E, Windsor

Lucky Stone Health Centre 515 Mount Pleasant, Toronto

Lucy Health & Wellness 44 Chester Le Blvd, Scarborough

Lucy's Spa 92 Avenue, Toronto

Lucy and Nia , Toronto

Lucy , Toronto

Lucy 2001 Yonge, Toronto

Lucy None, Victoria

Lucy Yonge/Sheppard, North York

LuLu Massage , Miami

Lulu Villa Spa 2539 Warden, Scarborough

Lulu Villa Spa 2525 Warden, Scarborough

Lulu Massage Spa 137 Byron St N, Whitby

Luna Spa 266 Adelaide W, Toronto

Lush , Mississauga

Lush Touch , Mississauga

Lux Spa 10149 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Lux Spa 4718 Yonge, North York

Luxury Spa 4383 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Luxury Centre 5005 Steeles E, Scarborough

LV Health Center 9833 Markham Rd, Markham

LV Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

LY Wellness 3040 Palstan, Mississauga

Forever 21 Highway7/Warden, Markham

Mabel Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

MacDonnell Spa 107 Macdonell, Guelph

Madame Cleos 1094 Richards, Vancouver

Madisen None, Hamilton

Madison 401/DVP, North York

Magic Garden Massage 7665 Kennedy, Markham

Magic Hands 1602 12th Ave, Regina

Magic Hands Spa 4541 Hastings St, Burnaby

Magic Hands 1602 12th, Regina

Magic Hands 1278 St. Clair W, Toronto

Magic Spa 642 Ritson, Oshawa

Magnolia 2683 Islington, Etobicoke

Main 75 Markham 75 Main, Markham

Main Health Spa 4721 Highway 7, Markham

Ochna Spa 3506 Mainway, Burlington

Maison Mu-Lan 3860 Notre Dame, Laval

Majestic 4 Massey, Angus

Majestic 2977c Lakeshore W, Etobicoke

Majestic Spa 4512 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Male Massage ,

Mamasitas Massage Studio Spa 9305 111 Ave, Edmonton

Man Lakeshore/Parklawn, Toronto

Mandy , Markham

Mango Bay 1282 Howe, Vancouver

Manhattan Mens Club 15519 118 Ave NW, Edmonton

Manhattan Studio 2231 Broad St, Regina

Manor Kigali Airport,

Maple Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Maple Wellness 9100 Jane, Vaughan

Maple Wellness 221 Woodlawn, Guelph

Mara , Toronto

March Stevensen / Bloor, Oshawa

Maria Mascot Place, North York

Maria Unknown, Unknown

Mariah Eglinton/Scarlett, Etobicoke

Marie Unlisted, Windsor

Marina Spa 4379 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Markham Wellness Center 8787 Woodbine, Markham

Markham Condo Clegg Rd, Markham

Markham Independent Unknown, Markham

Markham Spa for rent ,

Marvel Us 1239 Winnipeg St., Regina

Mary Ann Musci 5283 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan

Mary Gold Spa 43 Main Street S, Campbellville

Mary's Place 783 Lawrence W, Toronto

Mascarade , Montreal

Absolut 3124 Avenue Francis Hughes, Laval

Massage and Weight Loss 5463 Yonge, North York

Massage and Weight Loss 648 Finch E, North York

Massage Club 2104 8th, Nisku

Massage Essentials 10459 124 St NW, Edmonton

Massage Exotica 912 Rue Michelin, Laval

Massage Experts , Vaughan

Massage Experts 744 Guelph Line, Burlington

Massage Habit 114 Tower Hill Rd, Richmond Hill

Massage on the Market 216 Dalhousie, Ottawa

Stress-Away Bodycare 1037 Broadway W, Vancouver

Massage Ridge 5051 Highway 7, Markham

Massage Ridge Royal-Crest, Markham

Massage Time Wellness 545 Steeles W, Brampton

514 4804B Avenue Du Parc, Montreal

Massotherapy ,

Matheson's 1280 Matheson E, Mississauga

Matias Rozenberg Toronto/Hamilton, Toronto

Mature , Hamilton

Mavis , Mississauga

Maxine Yonge/King, Toronto

Max's West Side 56 Main W, Welland

May Spa Holistic Centre 4801 Keele, North York

May & Annie 5 Glamorgan, Scarborough

May Blossom Spa 18025 Yonge, Newmarket

May Blossom 9461 Jane, Vaughan

May Blossom Spa 20 Main, Markham

May Blossom Spa 8099 Weston, Vaughan

May Treatment 30 George, Cambridge

May Yonge/MajorMac, Richmond Hill

Mayfair Wellness 8910 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Mayflower Massage , Calgary

Mayflower Spa 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

Mayling 3130 Dixie Rd, Mississauga

MB Body Spa 5775 Atlantic, Mississauga

McCaul McCaul, Toronto

McConnell , Peterborough

McMurchy 5 McMurchy N, Brampton

Health 2 Go 5 McMurchy N, Brampton

MDX Spa 992 Eglinton W, Toronto

Chinese Pressure Point , Ottawa

Meadows Spa 10225 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Medella Natura Spa 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Medica 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Medical Massage ,

Medierannee None, Quebec City

Medwinequas , Hamilton

Mei Main/QEW, Niagara

Mei Spa 1291 Wyandotte E, Windsor

Mei Spa 1157 Tecumseh E, Windsor

Mela Dufferin/Eg, Toronto

Melanie 2 Melanie Dr, Brampton

Melanie Kensington Upscale Condo, London

Melina , Toronto

Melissa Chinatown, Toronto

Melody Wellness Center 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Melody , Peterborough

Melody Spa 104 Brock St, Whitby

Melody None, Vancouver

Melrose 64 Melrose, Hamilton

Meme X Oriental Massage 2500 E Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale

Memes Oriental Massage 4516 Hollywood Bvd, Hollywood

Mens Massage Yonge & St Clair, Toronto

Menscape 562 Wilson Heights, North York

Meridian Massage 77 Edgehill Road, Belleville

Meridian Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Meridien 1405 Bewicke N, North Vancouver

Mermaid Spa 2300 Finch W, North York

Mi Ne Spa 2095 Weston, York

Mi Spa 5245 Dundas St W, Etobicoke

Mia Spa 2950 Birchmount, Scarborough

Mia Wellness Spa 568 Victoria E, Alliston

Mia Wellness Spa 3812 Bloor W, Etobicoke

Miami None, Miami

Micaela , Toronto

Michelle , Toronto

Michelle , Toronto

Michelle Asian Dufferin/St Clair, Toronto

Michelles 350 Donald, Ottawa

Michener Spa 395 Michener Rd, Guelph

Michiko 3159 Dufferin, North York

Mickey V's 1325 Eglinton E, Mississauga

Midtown Student ,

Midway Invader 6809 Invader Cres, Mississauga

Mila , Guelph

Milena Runneymede, Toronto

Million Dollar 7222 Torbram Rd, Mississauga

Milton Bodyrub , Milton

Milton Plaza 17 Wilson,

Milton Plaza Nippising 150 Nipissing Road, Milton

Mimi and Friends Near Walmart, Guelph

Mimi Health Centre 11 Glen Watford, Scarborough

Mimi Massage 102 Queen St S, Kitchener

Mimi Taunton/Simcoe, Oshawa

Mina , Toronto

Mindful Acupuncture Health Clinic 2861 Sherwood Heights, Oakville

Mindy , Brampton

Mineola Massage 474 South Service Road, Mississauga

Mineola 10 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga

Mini Spa 99 Agness St, Mississauga

Mint 17543 100 Ave, Edmonton

Minx Spa 3598 Dufferin, North York

Minx Spa 1033 Wyandotte W, Windsor

Mirage 2180 Dundas, London

Misha Unlisted, Toronto

Miya Beauty Spa 121 West. Broadway, Vancouver

Mojo Massages ,

Momoko Beauty & Wellness 1205 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Monet & Adonis , Markham

Monica , Edmonton

Monica 5315 Tomken, Mississauga

Monica , Etobicoke

Monica King Bay/Bloor, Toronto

Monika 818 Wilson, North York

Monika Del Fiore ,

Monita Spa 286 Lake St, St Catharines

Montreal Nuru Massage 1249 Drummond, Montreal

Mook 245 Camelia Ave, Ottawa

Moon Bay , Montreal

Moon Dreams Spa 7398 Yonge, Markham

MoonRiver Wellness 2312 Smith St, Regina

Moon Spa 8131 Yonge, Markham

Moon Spa 5482 Queen Mary, Montreal

Moon Spa 5767 Highway 7, Vaughan

Moonlight Spa 3700 Midland, Scarborough

Moonlight 258 McPhillips, Winnipeg

Morena's Day Spa 893 O' Connor, East York

Morgan Dundas/Kipling, Etobicoke

Moss Park Moss Park, Toronto

Moulin Rouge 83 Kennedy S, Brampton

Mount Joy Therapy Centre 91 Anderson Ave, Markham

Healthy Joint 540 Mount Pleasant, Toronto

Ms Voyeur Downtown Halifax, Halifax

Mu Dan Health 444 Yonge College Park, Toronto

Mu Dan Health 382 Yonge Aura Blg, Toronto

Muse Massage Spa North York 1290 Finch W, North York

Muse Massage Spa Vaughan 30 Freshway, Vaughan

My Chrysalis Medi-Spa and Salon , Markham

My Heaven , Richmond Hill

My Relax Spot 25 St Denis, Toronto

My Treatment Space 901 King W, Toronto

Mya Unlisted, Toronto

MyFoot 8333 Kennedy Road,

MYP Therapy 399 Pearl, Burlington

Myrrh Studio 11 Hart, Barrie

Mystic Spa 1330 Gerrard E, Toronto

Mystic Massage 1311 Centre St NW, Calgary

N D Spa 799 Brimley, Scarborough

Nadia Midland/Eglinton, Scarborough

Nadia , Toronto

Nadia Square 1 Area, Mississauga

Nadin Dundas West,

Naina , Kitchener

Nairobi Spa Massage ,

Nairobi XXX ,

Lisa 474 South Service Road, Mississauga

Nana or Sasa 1865 Broad, Regina

Naomi Near St Joes Hospital, Hamilton

Naomi , Toronto

Naomi , Mississauga

Nasha Spa 428 Dundas St W, Toronto

Nashdene Health Centre 151 Nashdene Rd, Scarborough

Nata , Thornhill

Natalie Holistic Spa 3261 Kennedy, Scarborough

Natalie Crosby/Yonge, Richmond Hill

Natalie Dominion/Albert, Fort Erie

Nataly's Esthetics ,

Natasha Smart , Burlington

Natasha Summers , Toronto

Natura Wellness Clinic 3885 Duke of York, Missaissauga

Natural Health Centre 110 Anne, Barrie

Natural Beauty 720 Burnamthorpe, Mississauga

Natural Beauty Spa 367 Marlee, North York

Natural Beauty 2211 Riverside, Ottawa

Natural Therapy , Hamilton

Natural Healing 37 Harwood, Ajax

Natural Healing 998 Eglinton W, Toronto

Natural Health Centre 3180 Ridgeway Dr, Toronto

Natural Skin & Body 11 Ivy Bush Ave, Scarborough

Natural Therapy 6464 Yonge, North York

Natural Touch 516 Plains Rd E, Burlington

Natural Treatment Centre 315 Spadina, Toronto

Natural Wellness 1290 Finch W, North York

Naturally Yours 3161 34 Ave SE, Calgary

Naturally Yours , Medicine Hat

Nature Spa 2810 Victoria Park, North York

Nature Health Clinic 4385 Sheppard E, Scarbrough

Naturelax Clinic 14 Dundas E, Mississauga

Naturelax Clinic 5100 Dundas St. W, Etobicoke

NatureLife Health Centre 1395 Abbeywood Drive, Oakville

Etobicoke , Etobicoke

Naturopath Relaxation Clinic 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Naturopathic 49 Hillcrest Ave, Brampton

Naughty Nuru Yonge/Gerrard, Toronto

Necole , Mississauga

Necole , Orangeville

Neely 5X Neeland, Markham

Nelson Street Oshawa 1019 Nelson St, Oshawa

Nest Yoga 2186 Bloor St W, Toronto

New Age 4430 Bathurst, North York

New Cambridge Spa ,

New Garden Spa 43 Garden Drive, Grimsby

New Hope Rehab , Mississauga

New Leaf Spa 408 Bloor W, Toronto

New Life Clinic 2655 Liruma Rd, Mississauga

New Locomotion 2325 Matheson E, Mississauga

New Moon Spa 678 Yonge, Toronto

New Tokyo Spa 51 Beverly Hills, North York

New Toronto 300 New Toronto St, Etobicoke

New Wellness Centre 3033 Palstan Road, Mississauga

New You Spa , Burlington

Newmarket Main St / Davis Dr, Newmarket

Newmarket Medical Centre 17725 Yonge St, Newmarket

Next Temptation West 15122 Stony Plain, Edmonton

New Hair King Wellness Centre 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

NHS Massage Davisville/Yonge, Toronto

Niagara Aromatherapy Unlisted,

Niagara Social Engagements 300 Welland, St. Catharines

Nice Spa 931 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam

Nicole University and Queen, Toronto

Nicole Unlisted, Bradford

Nicole , Newmarket

Nicole Woodbine/O'Connor, Toronto

Niki Square One, Mississauga

Nikki Jane/Lawrence, Toronto

Nikki Queen and Dufferin, Toronto

Nikki and Victoria Queensway/Kipling, Etobicoke

Nikki Parliament/Wellesley, Toronto

Nikki , North York

Nina Princess St, Kingston

Nings Balance Studio 703 6th u340, Calgary

Nirvana Spa 4528 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Nisku 8020 Sparrow Dr, Edmonton

Nobel Wellness Centre 3125 Queen Frederica Dr, Mississauga

Noble Wellness Centre 398 Ferrier, Markham

Nonquan Rd 190 Nonquan Rd, Oshawa

Norseman 180 Norseman St, Etobicoke

North Bay 236 Second W, North Bay

Spasia 1075 Marine Dr, North Vancouver

Brock 3570 3570 Brock St N, Whitby

North York Clinic ,

North York Massage Therapy ,

Northside Studio 12710 119 St NW, Edmonton

Northtown Asian Spa 13030-97 St, Edmonton

Nova , Ottawa

Nova Aroma 881 Jane, Toronto

Now N Zen 17 Glen Stewart Dr, Stratford

Nu Life Massage Therapy & Wellness 3600 Langstaff Rd, Vaughan

Nu Spa 1015 St Laurent, Montreal

Nulook Beauty & Medi Spa 20 New Delhi Dr, Markham

Nulux 550 Queen's Quay W, Toronto

#1 Massage Therapy 7220 Kennedy, Markham

NuPower Spa 2626 Yonge, Toronto

Nuramina Church/College, Toronto

Nuru , Toronto

Nuru Queen , Mississauga

Nuru Rub Dufferin/Sheppard, North York

Nyala ,

Nyla , Richmond Hill

Nyla , Toronto

O' Connor Spa 823 O'Connor, Toronto

O2 Spa 15242 Yonge, Aurora

Oakdale Wellness Studio 415 Oakdale, North York

Oakville Asian 11X North Service Road, Oakville

Burlington Bodyrub coming soon, Oakville

Oakville - rooms avail , Oakville

Oakville Shiatsu Speers, Oakville

Oasis Body Care 880 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Oasis Massage 20 Grand S, Cambridge

Oasis Health , Markham

Oasis Hub Wellness Centre 4997 Highway 7 E, Markham

Oasis Hub Wellness Centre 10737 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Oasis Wellness 483 Lawrence W, North York

Oasis Wellness , Richmond Hill

Oasis Spa 40 Winges, Vaughan

Oasis Health & Wellness 318 Queenston, Hamilton

Obsession Health Studio 779 Garyray, North York

Obsession Spa 10 Bramhurst, Brampton

Ocean Spa 10219-112 St, Edmonton

Ocean Beauty Care Wellness 122 Saunders Rd, Barrie

Ocean Mist Spa 1170 Sheppard W, North York

Ocean Motion Spa 2354 Major MacKenzie W, Maple

Pinkys Wellness Centre 12 Vincent, Newmarket

Ocean Spa 3276 Midland, Scarborough

Ocean Spa 6442 St Laurent, Montreal

Ocean Spa 180 Steeles W, Markham

Ocean Therapy 253 Davis Dr, Newmarket

Oceana 12 Automatic Rd, Brampton

Oceanic Spa 9002 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Octavians Spa 1668 Victoria Park, North York

Studio Octopussy 1637 St. Catherine West, Montreal

Office Massage Studio 8735 A 50 St, Edmonton

Oksana Sheppard E and Kennedy, Scarboro

Olga outcall, Toronto

Olga Martin Ross, North York

Olina's Spa 3337 Danforth, Scarborough

Olive Ave Incall 20 Olive Ave, North York

Olivia Spa 1600 Bloor W, Toronto

Olympus Spa 29 Anne, Barrie

On The 9 Spa 2815 Eglinton E, Scarborough

One's Wellness Centre 10165 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Only You Health Centre 773 Queensway, Etobicoke

Ontario Pain Clinic 44 First St, Orangeville

Paris Studio Massage 1402 Drummond, Montreal

Opal Wellness 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Opus Spa 546 St. Clair W, Toronto

Ora Massage Spa 1230 Sheppard W, North York

Orangeville , Orangeville

Orangeville Clinic Unknown, Orangeville

Oranji 9021 Rue Airlie, LaSalle

Orchid Spa 4718 Yonge, North York

Orchid Spa 3601 Highway 7 E, Markham

Organic Spa 16335 Yonge, Newmarket

Organic Spa 496 Queen W, Toronto

Oriental 2934 King E, Kitchener

Oriental Health Centre 641 King St E, Cambridge

Oriental Eglinton/Don Mills, North York

Oriental Spa 872 Eglinton E, Toronto

Oriental Falls 421 Bloor E, Toronto

Oriental Falls 25 Glendenning, Scarborough

Oriental Falls 7060 Warden, Markham

Oriental Fun-Time 935 Dundas E, Mississauga

Oriental Girl , Scarborough

Oriental Health Spa 2336 Main St., Bridgeport

Oriental Incall 597 Bloor, Toronto

Oriental Incall 4091 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Oriental Incall 343 Spadina, Toronto

Oriental 778 King E, Kitchener

Oriental Massage 3310 Ponce De Leon Blvd #260, Coral Gables

Oriental Massage 10021 SW 40 St, Miami

Oriental Massage 15801 S Dixie Hwy, Palmetto Bay

Oriental Massage 2281 SW 27 Ave, Miami

Oriental Massage 2281 SW 27 Ave, Miami

Oriental Massage 1991 NE 163rd St, North Miami

Oriental Massage 801 NW 37 Ave #201, Miami

Oriental Natural Spa 465 Dundas W, Toronto

Oriental 256 Bank, Ottawa

Oriental Pearl 1987 Wellington, Montreal

Oriental Pearl 428 Dundas W, Toronto

Oriental Pearl Spa 5336 Yonge, North York

Oriental Pearl Spa 9504 87 St NW, Edmonton

Oriental Spa 2167 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Oriental Spa 84 Essa Road, Barrie

Oriental Spa 9401 Jane St, Vaughan

Oriental Spa 11921 S Dixie Hwy, Miami

Oriental Touch None, Ottawa

Oriental Wellness 1270 Finch W, North York

Oriental Wellness 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Oriental Wellness 3806 Bloor W, Etobicoke

Oriental Wellness Massage 5450 S State Rd 7, Miami

Ormont Spa 109 Ormont, North York

Osaka 3941 Main St., Bridgeport

Oshawa None, Oshawa

Simcoe St Oshawa $1400 911 Simcoe St N, Oshawa

Dundas 400 Whitby 400 Dundas St W, Whitby

Wentworth 1801 1801 Wentworth St, Whitby

Brock 1050 1050 Brock Rd, Pickering

Bayly 95 95 Bayly St W, Ajax

Oshawa $1022/month 1500+sq feet unlisted, Oshawa

Simcoe 148 148 Simcoe St S, Oshawa

Oshawa looking for warehouse need space, Pickering

Bond 15 15 Bond St E, Oshawa

Simcoe 136 Oshawa 136 Simcoe St S, Oshawa

Simcoe 426 426 Simcoe St S, Oshawa

Durham 1500 Courtice 1500 Durham Regional Hwy 2, Courtice

Bowmanville Office unlisted, Bowmanville

Thornton Rd 755 Thornton Rd S, Oshawa

Richmond 50 Oshawa 50 Richmond St. E. Unit 109, Oshawa

Simcoe 111 111 Simcoe St N, Oshawa

Oshi Unknown Addr, Calgary

Ossington 98 at Bloor 98 Ossington, Toronto

Airport Near Airport, Ottawa

Outcall , Scarborough

Outcall 2019 , Toronto

Oviks Salon St. Thomas, Mississauga

Oxsana Rose , Markham

Pacific Spa 3517 Kennedy, Scarborough

Paige Apartment, Pickering

Pain Solution Clinic Cathedral, Markham

Palace Spa 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Palace Spa 168 Kennedy S, Brampton

Palace Health Studio 658 Sheppard W, North York

New Wave Asian Massage 287 Palace St, Vanier

Ace Health Centre 1278 Yonge, Toronto

Palladium Spa 800 Petrolia, North York

Palm Spa 155 Toryork, North York

Paloma's 340 Brown's Line, Etobicoke

Pamelas 241 Wyandotte E, Windsor

Pamper Yourself 6036 3 St SW, Calgary

Pamper Me Head to Toe Spa 5460 Highway 7, Markham

Panacea Massage 385 Jane, Toronto

Paradise Spa 1865 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Paradise Health Spa 877 Alness, North York

Paradise Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Paradise Spa 183 Millwick, North York

Paradise Spa and Tanning 1902 Robertson Rd, Kanata

Paradise Retreat 2270 Keele, Toronto

Paradise Spa 3155 34 Ave SE, Calgary

Paradise 2518 Prince Edward St, Vancouver

Paradise Spa 347 Broadview, Toronto

Paradise Holistic Centre 1163 Victoria Park, North York

Park Avenue 69 Queen St, Dartmouth

Parklane Wellness Centre 1661 Denison, Markham

Parklane Wellness Centre Raymerville, Markham

Passion Spa 768 Wilson, North York

Passions 9946 63 Ave, Edmonton

Paul Healthy Life Clinic 1193 Brimley, Scarborough

Pauline , Wakefield

Peach Flower 3159 Dufferin, North York

Pearl Spa 4221 Sheppard, Scarborough

Indulgence Healing Spa 397 Pearl, Burlington

Peel Party Girls Derry/Hurontario, Brampton

Penthouse 5255 Ferrier, Montreal

Penthouse Massage 10343 Jasper, Edmonton

Peony Spa 1395 Yonge, Toronto

Perfect Health Centre 2851 Kennedy, Scarborough

Perfect Balance , Toronto

Perfect Spa 936 De Maisonneuve E, Montreal

Perfect Spa , Montreal

Perfect 77 Bronte, Oakville

Perfect Health Centre 151 Nashdene Rd, Scarborough

Perfume Spa 2095 Weston, York

Perla Spa 3670 Victoria Park, North York

Persephone , Toronto

Personal Trainer , Toronto

Peterborough Unlisted, Peterborough

Peterborough ?Massage Therapy Clinic , Peterborough

Petite Chat 872 Eglinton E, Toronto

Petworth 160 Petworth Cres, Scarborough

Pharmacy and Finch ,

Pharmacy Pharmacy/Finch, Scarborough

Great Pharoah 3490 Kingsway, Vancouver

Phoenix Massage Spa 2271 Kingsway, Kitchener

Phoenix 2263 Kingsway, Vancouver

Top Wellness 20 Cranston, Vaughan

Physiotherapy 17 Bonis, Scarborough

Pickering Spa 1050 Brock, Pickering

Pickering Angels 905 Dillingham, Pickering

Pineda Eglinton/MtPleasant, Toronto

Pink Spa 460 Woody Rd, Oakville

Pink Flower Spa 3300 McNicoll, Scarborough

Pink Gardena Shaw St, Toronto

Pink Paradise 370 Steeles W, Markham

Pink Pearl 335 Welland, St. Catharines

Pink Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Pink Rose Spa 824 Sheppard W, North York

Pink Tulip Spa 5 Charles W, Toronto

Place To Heal 4170 Fairview, Burlington

Placidity Spa 678 Finch E, North York

Placidity Spa 38 Wellington E, Aurora

Platinum Spa 1230 Sheppard W, North York

Platinum Asians Spa 10706 124 St, Edmonton

Platinum Club 10706 124 St, Edmonton

Platinum Neighbour 1230 Sheppard W, North York

Platinum One 758 York, London

Platinum Club 426 Homer, Vancouver

Playhouse Massage 555 Pelissier, Windsor

Plum Flower Spa , Regina

Plush Spa 2176 Dundas W, Toronto

Pom 13 Cumberland, Toronto

Townhouse Incall 1XX Pond Dr, Richmond Hill

Pondera ,

Port Hope 24 John, Port Hope

Premier Spa 2068 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Oakville Relaxation Spa 3016 Preserve Dr, Oakville

Prestige Massage Studio 8204 Coronet, Edmonton

Prestige Spa and Massage 5241 Decarie, Montreal

Pretty Woman Spa 3045 Southcreek, Mississauga

Princess None, Kitchener

Princess Spa 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

Princess Spa 569 St. Clair W, Toronto

Priya , Toronto

Pro Clinique 3241 Kennedy, Scarborough

Pro Touch Wellness Center 5694 Highway 7, Markham

Progressive Massage 9 Balsam, Ottawa

Progressive Massage Churchill, Ottawa

Prosper City 3488 Main, Vancouver

Proudfoot Lane Proudfoot Lane, London

Pure Spa 32 Mobile Dr, North York

Pure Bliss Spa 3270 Yonge, Toronto

Pure Bliss Spa 872 Eglinton E, Toronto

Pure Spa 4 Prince Street, Charlottetown

Pure Gold 2630 Royal Windsor, Mississauga

Pure Studio 95 Hempstead, Hamilton

Pure Pleasure Spa 2300 Finch W, North York

Pure Pleasure Sheppard and Bathurst, North York

Pure Pleasure 6311 Yonge, North York

Pure Sense Spa 701 Queenston, Hamilton

Purely Majestic 4202 17th SE, Calgary

Purple Lotus Spa 5990 16th Ave, Markham

Purple Spa , Burlington

Purple Sugar Spa 3700 Midland, Scarborough

Q Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Q Spa , Mississauga

QGTC 12 Merton, Toronto

Qi Gong 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Qi TCM 901 Yonge, Toronto

Qin Liu 177 St Joseph, Gatineau

Qing 2901 Eglinton Ave W, Mississauga

QQ Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

QQ Spa 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Quanfu Zhou Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Clinic 212 Bathurst, Toronto

Queen Nail Spa 496 Queen W, Toronto

Queen's Feet 88 Granville St, Vancouver

Queen 2383 2383 Queen S W, Toronto

Queen 639 639 Queen,

Queen 696 696 Queen E, Toronto

Queen/John Queen and John, Toronto

Queen Beaches Empty 1977 Queen St E, Beaches

Queen Spa 117 Queen St W, Brampton

Queen Spa 4862 Yonge, North York

Queen St 347 Queen W, Toronto

Queenie Spa 2025 Yonge, Toronto

Queenston 754 Queenston, Hamilton

Queensway 1116 1116 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 1340 1340 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 639 639 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 666 666 Queensway, Etobicoke

queensway 697 697 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 712 712 Queensway, Etobicoke

queensway 714 714 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 767 767 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 781 781 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 826 826 Queensway, Etobicoke

Queensway 866 866 Queensway, Etobicoke

Quinpool Road Asian Quinpool Road, Halifax

QW Foot Care Salon 4186 Finch E, Scarborough

QY Therapeutic Massage & Wellness 8787 Woodbine, Markham

R & T Spa 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Radiance Medspa and Beauty Bar 880 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Rainbow Spa 502 Yonge, Toronto

Rainbow Spa 72 Huron, Toronto

Rainsan Spa , Toronto

Raji , Rexdale

Raos Wellness 1967 Lawrence E, Scarborough

Rathburn 452 452 Rathburn, Etobicoke

Raven ,

Real Thai Healing 2461 Bloor W, Toronto

ReBalance 100 Maitland, Toronto

Rebuild Spa 1125 Dundas E, Mississauga

Red Apple Spa 2000 Eglinton W, Toronto

Red Lotus Tantra , Vanouver

Red Orchid Kennedy/Steeles, Markham

Red Pearl Wellness 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Red Rose Relax Spa 2588 Birchmount, Scarborough

Red Rose Spa 1729 Bloor W, Toronto

Rose Retreat Spa 16715 Yonge, Newmarket

Red Rose Spa 1235 Albert St, Regina

Red Rose Health Spa 2 Invergordon, Scarborough

Red Rose Speed Dating ,

Red Spa 365 Eglinton W, Toronto

Redhead , Kitchener

Redz , Toronto

Refex Health Clinic 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Reflection Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Reflex 155 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Reflexology 2357 Finch W, North York

Refresh Spa 4862 Yonge, North York

Refresh Spa 385 St Paul Ave, Brantford

Refresh Day Spa 2407 Dougall Ave, Windsor

Filler Spa XXXX Yonge, North York

Regina 11th Avenue 1307 11th Avenue, Regina

Regina Oriental Massage 1865 Broad, Regina

Regina Rose Street , Regina

Rehab On Finch 678 Finch E, North York

Reid Street Spa 659 Reid, Peterborough

Reiki Energy Unlisted, Barrie

Rejoice Wellness 201 Consumers Road, North York

Relax Spa 2950 Kennedy, Scarborough

Relax Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Relax Health Centre 165 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Relax Time Wellness Centre 3278 Midland, Scarborough

Relax Time Massage 8108 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Relax Time 185 East Main St, Welland

Relax Wellness 888 Dundas St E, Mississauga

Relax Spa 2029 Yonge, Toronto

Relax Zone 222 Spadina, Toronto

Relax Zone 13311 Yonge, Richmond Hill

Relaxation 366 North Front St, Belleville

Relaxation Spa 4830 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor

Relaxation Spa 8601 Warden, Markham

Relaxation 4580 Highway 7 E, Markham

Relaxing Spa 227 Bunting, St. Catharines

Relaxing Art Groupe Pacific Mall Area, Markham

Relaxing Spa 446 Simcoe, Oshawa

Relaxology Wellness Centre 525 Brooker Ridge, Newmarket

Relaxology Wellness Centre 1177 Central Parkway W, Mississauga

Relaxology Wellness Centre 1846 Lakeshore W, Mississauga

Relaxology 3255 Hwy 7, Markham

Relaxology Wellness Centre 550 Ontario St S, Milton

Relaxology Wellness Centre 4310 Sherwoodtowne Blvd, Mississauga

Remedy Spa 6311 Yonge, North York

Remi Unknown, North York

Renovo Spa 230 Innisfil St, Barrie

Reshape Slim and Beauty Clinic 8380 Kennedy, Markham

Retreat Bodycare 5305 1A SW, Calgary

Revive Spa & Massage 11745 Jasper Ave, Edmonton

Revive Wellness Centre 25 Glendinning, Scarborough

RF Health Centre 423 Spadina, Toronto

Rhine River Care Salon 4812 Highway 7 E, Markham

Rhythm Spa 199 Church, Toronto

Richmond Hill , Richmond Hill

Riddhi Skin Care 627 Lyons Lane, Oakville

Riddh Spa 4 St Tropez Ct, Brampton

Rise and Shine Ossington and Bloor, Toronto

Rita 33 King St E, Bowmanville

Ritson 510 Ritson, Oshawa

River Clinic , Markham

Riviera Spa 103 Barton, Hamilton

RJM Massage Therapy 348 Victoria, Regina

RMT Centre 160 East Beaver Creek, Richmond Hill

Robin Outcall, Milton

Robin West Mall, Etobicoke

Romantic Atmosphere Glamorgan Ave, Scarborough

Ronson Health Centre 24 Ronson, Etobicoke

Room at Yonge and Irvin , Toronto

Vaughan Room For Rent , Vaughan

Rose Spa 3104 Danforth, Scarborough

Rose Garden Spa 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

Rose Garden Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Rose Garden Spa 8 Brighton Place, Markham

Rose Spa 3624 Victoria Park, North York

Rose Water Spa 52 Weber W, Kitchener

Roselawn 838 838 ROSELAWN AVE, Toronto

Rosemary Beauty Spa 1555 Dundas E, Toronto

Rosie 2310 Keele, North York

Rowntree Rowntree, Vaughan

Roxys of Halifax 308 Salter Hebble Hill, Halifax

Royal 5702 Sherbrooke, Montreal

Royal Angels Spa 3045 Southcreek, Mississauga

Royal Lavender 1333 Homer, Vancouver

Royal Spa 5180 Queen Mary, Montreal

Royal Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Royal Wellness 3085 Hurontario St,

Royal York 1451 1451 ROYAL YORK RD, Toronto

Royal York 1500 1500 Royal York, Etobicoke

Royal Zone 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

Royal Zone 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

Royale Wellness 3085 Hurontario St, Mississauga

Ruby Kariya Dr, Mississauga

Runnymede Dundas/Runnymede, Toronto

Runnymede 825 Runnymede, Toronto

Russian 5005 Steeles E, Scarborough

Russian ,

Russian Independent Davisville, Toronto

Russians Yonge/Finch, North York

RWO 67 Godstone, Toronto

Ryna's Nails Wellness and Spa 1900 Fowler, Mississuga

Rhythm Spa , San Jose

Saachi Spa 2035 Kennedy Road, Scarborough

Sabrina Brant/Lakeshore, Burlington

Sabrina , Windsor

Sacred Healing 799 Brimley, Scarborough

Sage 1219 St Clair W, Toronto

Saka Spa 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Sakura Spa 318 Ontario, St. Catharines

Sakura Health Centre 809 Danforth, Toronto

Sakura 185 East Main St, Welland

Sakura Spa 1427 Highway 2, Courtice

Sala Wellness Centre 2861 Sherwood Heights, Oakville

Salinda , Burlington

Sally VicPark/Danforth, Scarborough

Sally's Health Centre 2590 Confederation Pky, Mississauga

Salon l'den ,

Salon Fantaisies 2944 Taschereau Blvd, Longueuil

Salon ,

Jasmin 6200 3e Av, Montreal

Plaisir des Sens 2300 Lon Harmel, Quebec

Salon Veda 3353 The Credit Woodlands, Mississauga

Sambath 89 McGill St,

Sanctuary Spa , Bulington

Sandalwood Recreation Centre 2 Steinway, Etobicoke

Sandelwood Health Spa 750 Oakdale, North York

Sandy Daniels Downtown, Toronto

SanSan Health Centre 455 Dundas W, Toronto

Sapphire 10715 124th, Edmonton

Sapphire Health & Beauty Spa 496 Queen W, Toronto

Sapphire Sirens , Toronto

Sapphire Spa 1958 Yonge, Toronto

Sara Nox , Toronto

Sarabella Yonge/Eglinton, Toronto

Sarah's Massage Bloor/Ossington, Toronto

Sarnia Shiatsu 358 Christina N, Sarnia

Sassy 5486 Ch De La Cote-Saint-Luc, Montreal

Satin Rouge 5473 Royalmount, Montreal

Satori 33 Hazelton Ave,

Sauna Style Major Mac/Yonge, Richmond Hill

Scarboro , Scarborough

Scarborough , Scarborough

Scarborough Harmony Spa 4630 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

Scarlett , Brampton

Scarlett Road 59 Scarlett Rd, Etobicoke

Scruples Salon & Spa 7600 Weston Rd, Vaughan

Sea Dream Beauty Spa 2642 Eglinton W, York

Sea Spa 94 Dunlop W, Barrie

Sea Water Spa 288 Grays Rd, Stoney Creek

Second Floor 2313 Bloor W, Toronto

Secret Garden Spa , Niagara-on-the-Lake

Secret Spa 2401 Saint-Jacques, Montreal

Secret Spa 10028 82 Ave NW, Edmonton

Secrets Spa 370 Browns Line, Etobicoke

Seduction Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Seduction Spa 43 International, Etobicoke

See Do ,

Sensations 8860 Lundys Lane, Niagara Falls

Sense Beauty Spa 701 Lawrence W, Toronto

Sense Beauty Spa 5170 Dundas W, Etobicoke

Sensual Garden Lawrence/Markham, Scarborough

Sensual Spa 7050a Bramalea, Mississauga

Seraphic Massage Therapy , Toronto

Serena , Winnipeg

Serena , Lindsay

Serendipity Massage , Vancouver

Serene Ocean Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Serene Massage & Wellness 3009 New St, Burlington

Serene2 Wellness ,

Serenity Spa 43 Station, Ajax

Serenity Asian Spa 5885 Bathurst, North York

Serenity Health Spa Ben Lomond Place, Hamilton

Serenity Spa 4801 Keele, North York

Serenity Health Center 991 King E, Kitchener

Serenity Health Spa 981 Main W, Hamilton

Serenity Spa 635 Pharmacy, Scarborough

Serenity Spa 259 Highway 8, Stoney Creek

Serenity Massage 1443 Kingston Road, Toronto

Serenity 5 Spring Garden Ave, North York

Serenity Massage 16 St Paul St, Thunder Bay

Shandika Bathurst / St Clair, Toronto

Shanghai Spa 1106 Normandy Dr, Miami

Shangri-La Wellness Centre 160 East Beaver Creek Rd, Richmond Hill

Shangrila 329 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Shangrila Spa Davisville, Toronto

Sharon McClellan Way / Bathurst, Aurora

Sheen Day Spa 2434 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Sheppard Spa 915 Sheppard W, North York

Sheppard 250 250 SHEPPARD AVE, North York

Studio 9 Wellness 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Sher Scarlett/Dixon, Etobicoke

Sherbourne 120 Lower Sherbourne, Toronto

Sherry's Sugar Shack Unlisted, St. John's

Sherwood Wellness Centre 2861 Sherwood Heights, Oakville

Shey Wellness 253 Eglinton W, Toronto

Shu Xin Spa 3232 Yonge, Toronto

Shiatsu Body Therapy 556 Sheppard W, North York

Shiatsu By Sher , Burlington

Shiatsu One Spa 488 East Main, Welland

Shirley Spa 4910 Yonge, North York

Shirley Sheraton Hotel, Richmond Hill

Shirley 837 O' Connor, Toronto

Shiyatu Meadowvale/401, Scarborough

Show Girls Spa 8675 Montrose, Niagara Falls

Shu Xin Centre 11 Hart, Barrie

Shu Xin Health Spa Centre 997 Eglinton W, Toronto

Shun Shun Massage 401 E Hallandale Beach, Miami

Shun Tai Trading 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Signature Spa 37 Barton E, Hamilton

Silhouette Spa 2404 Haines, Mississauga

Silver 2742 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport

Silver Leaf Day Spa 4261 Highway 7 E, Markham

Silver Star Spa 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

Silver Creek Beauty 680 Silver Creek Blvd, Mississauga

Silverstar 50 50 Silver Star Blvd, Scarborough

Simcoe 909 909 Simcoe, Oshawa

Simcoe Street 911 Simcoe St N, Oshawa

Simone , Toronto

Simone , Mississauga

Simple Pleasures , Edmonton

Simply Sensational Bodycare 8180 MacLeod Trail, Calgary

Sincerely Yours Health 2819 Lakeshore Blvd W, Etobicoke

Singapore Girls King/Peter, Toronto

Singapore Lady Bathurst/Steeles, North York

Sisi , Scarborough

Sissi Spa Yonge/Sheppard, North York

Sky Spa 985 O'Connor, North York

Slim Beauty Spa 2175 Sheppard E, North York

Slim Male ,

So 200 Street, Langley

Sofia , Toronto

Sofia North York, North York

Soft Hands outcall, Kitchener

Sophie Wellness Centre 912 Srigley street, Newmarket

Solar Spa 344 Sheppard E, North York

Solnet dufferin/rogers, Toronto

Solnet dufferin/eglinton, Toronto

Solnet dufferin/eglinton, Toronto

Solnet dufferin/wilson, Toronto

Solnet keele/eglinton, Toronto

Soneta Spa 2477 Finch W, North York

Sophia Unlisted, Richmond Hill

Sophie Wellness 9140 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill

Natural Health Centre 8 Glen Watford Dr, Scarborough

Soul Relax Spa 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Soulful Sprout Studio 12994 Keele, King City

Drifting Sands Spa 66 Albert St S, Southampton

Southcreek 2016 3045 Southcreek, Mississauga

Southcreek IT Office ,

Southdown , Mississauga

Spa 168 75 Main St, Markham

Spa 19 668 Silver Star, Scarborough

Spa 234 234 Sheppard W, North York

Spa 370 370 Little Ave, Barrie

Spa 574 574 Yonge, Toronto

Spa 7 2879 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Spa 82 82 Bridge Street, Bradford

Crescent 400 Cure-Labelle, Laval

Eau Claire 1280 Boulevard de Maisonneuve Est, Montreal

Spa For Sale Highway 7 Highway 7/Bayview, Richmond Hill

Spa Fr Sale , Unknown Area

May Blossom Spa 7077 Kennedy Rd, Markham

Luna 185 Dorval, Montreal

Spa Moments 5295 Yonge, North York

Spa Near Subway ,

Spa Near Tracks 20 Cooper Street, Stratford

Spa Number One 6311 Yonge, North York

Spa on Dundas 965 Dundas St W, Whitby

Spa One 4858A Yonge, North York

Spa Opale ,

Pheonix 4055 St Catherine, Montreal

May Blossom Spa 1725 Kingston Rd, Pickering

Spa Royale 340 Browns Line, Etobicoke

Spa Royale 562 Wilson Heights, North York

Spa Sensuous 540 Pender W, Vancouver

Spa Space 1489 Merivale Rd, Ottawa

Massage Therapy 386 Bank E, Ottawa

Spa Times 2827 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Spadina 393 393 Spadina, Toronto

Spadina Wellness Centre Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill

Spaeta 20 Peel Centre Dr, Brampton

Spaforia 5182 Victoria Drive, Vancouver

Spalistic 1800 Eglinton W, Toronto

Spar X 1010 Polytek St, Ottawa

Sparkle Spa 375 Bond, Oshawa

Spearmint Rhino 280 Carlingview, Etobicoke

Spellbinding 386 Bank E, Ottawa

Spinegroup 7611 Pine Valley Dr, Vaughan

Spring Spa 6095 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Spring Health Spa 1780 Eglinton W, Toronto

Spring Fountain 1200 Highway 7 W, Vaughan

Spring Green Massage 72 Gerrard W, Toronto

Spring Holistic Centre 4860 Yonge, North York

Spring Relax Spa 2451 Clearbrook Road, Abbotsford

Springdale 200 Queen N, Brampton

St Clair W 1216 1216 St Clair Ave W M6E 1B4, Toronto

Stacy Dufferin/St. Clair, Toronto

Stanley 11 Stanley Court,

Star Wellness 4914 Yonge, North York

Star Day Spa 525 Brooker Ridge, Newmarket

Star Studio 1886 Kennedy, Scarborough

Star Relax Wellness Center 6545 Highway 7, Markham

Star Spa 162 Laurier, Ottawa

Starlight Health Spa 2365 Finch W, North York

Steeles 390 390 STEELES AVE W, Vaughan

Steeles 5109 5109 STEELES AVE W, Toronto

Steeles Royal Massage 30 Intermodal, Brampton

Steeles Royal Massage 2565 Steeles E, Brampton

Steinway 2 Steinway, Etobicoke

Steinway 14 14 Steinway, Etobicoke

Stephanie Downtown, Toronto

Stephanie Rattray, Mississauga

Steven Herbalist 1240 Warden, Scarborough

Stillwater Spa 7170 Warden, Markham

Stoffel 32 32 Stoffel, Etobicoke

Stonetown Wellness , St Marys

Stratford Wellness 117 Waterloo St S, Stratford

Streetsville , Streetsville

Streetsville 204 Queen St S, Mississauga

Stress Relief 311 McArthur, Ottawa

Stress Relief 226 King S, Waterloo

Studio 1 3449 Yonge, Toronto

Studio 118 12421 118th, Edmonton

Studio 2000 335 Cooper, Ottawa

Studio 212 212 Queen E, Brampton

Studio 4 Massage 6546 Beaubien E, Montreal

Studio 7B 300 Welland, St. Catharines

Studio 7even 35 Mary, Barrie

Studio 9 Spa 85 Kincort, Toronto

Studio Aura Unlisted, St. Johns

Studio B 1354 Kennedy, Scarborough

Studio Royale 716 13 St North, Lethbridge

Studio Santelis 216 Bvld Saint-Joseph, Gatineau

Studio Spa 1500 King St E, Courtice

Sugar Spa 178 Eglinton E, Toronto

Suki , Edmonton

Suko Health Center 420 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill

Summer Spa 1118 Eglinton W, Toronto

Summer Spa 1300 Finch W, North York

Summer Sun Spa 430 Dundas St, Toronto

Summer unlisted, Toronto

Sun Health Centre 1646 Victoria Park, North York

Sun Spa 1000 Bishop, Cambridge

Sun Hope Spa 52 Weber W, Kitchener

Sun Spa 837 O' Connor, Toronto

Sun Shine Health Centre 4578 Yonge, North York

Sun Spa & Wellness 1170 Centre St, Markham

Sun Wellness 3003 Danforth, Toronto

Sunflower Health Beauty Centre 435 Dundas W, Toronto

Sunflower Spa 141 Highway 8, Stoney Creek

Sunflower 781 Queensway, Etobicoke

Sunflower 79 Dunlop W, Barrie

Sunlight Spa 436 Queen St S, Kitchener

Sunny Health Spa 54 Market Sq, Trenton

Sunny Health Spa 620 Bloor W, Toronto

Sunny Spa 269 Broadview, Toronto

Sunny Foot 50 Bristol, Mississauga

Sunny Foot Spa Unknown, Mississauga

Sunny Foot Spa 321 Kerr, Oakville

Sunny Joy Foot Spa 591 March Rd, Ottawa

Sunny Life Health Centre 1942 Eglinton W, Toronto

Sunny Massage 1024 NE 163rd St, North Miami

Sunny Prostate Spa 4465 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Sunny Spa 3232 Yonge, Toronto

Sunny Spa 383 Main St N, Markham

Sunnybay Health Spa 3522 Bathurst, North York

Sunrise Spa 302 Adelaide W, Toronto

Sunset Spa 155 Hespeler Road, Cambridge

Sunshine Spa 1290 Finch W, North York

Sunshine Health 394 Bloor, Toronto

Sunshine Health Clinic 324 Highway 7 East, Richmond Hill

Sunshine Spa 622 Major Mackenzie E, Richmond Hill

Sunshine V Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Sunshine Health 1536 Warden, Scarborough

Sunshine Wellness Centre 45 Bloor E, Oshawa

Sunshine 834 Wilson, North York

Sunshine 3064 Dundas W, Toronto

Sunshrine Day Spa 21 Queen St, Lakefield

Super Queen 592 Queen W, Toronto

Super Relaxing Spa 1910 Kennedy, Scarborough

Superior Health Clinic 3111 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Superior Health Clinic 3459 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough

Supreme 3860 Chesswood, North York

Supreme Spa & Tan 5936 104th NW, Edmonton

Supreme Health 3477 Kennedy, Scarborough

Citi Health Studio 8927 152 Street, Surrey

Gateway Wellness 13668 Whalley Blvd, Surrey

Suzys 50 Heintzman, Toronto

Swan Lake 4651 Garden City Road, Richmond

Swan Spa 2731 SW 22nd St Coral Way, Coral Gables

Lavender Spa 281 Main St W, Hamilton

Swedish Touch 595 Hornby, Vancouver

Swedish Touch 10123 150th NW, Edmonton

Sweet 3161 34 Ave SE, Calgary

Sweet City 609 Clarke, London

Sweet Massage Centre 5701 17 Ave SE, Calgary

Sweet Sensations 25 Wood, Toronto

Sweet Spa 38 Buttonfield Rd, Markham

Sweet Summer Studio 699 Lawrence W, Toronto

Sweetheart Spa 178 Eglinton E, Toronto

Sylvette , Toronto

T & Q Health Centre 4385 Sheppard E, Scarborough

Tabitha , Windsor

Taboo 1170 Sheppard W, North York

Tabu Massage Studio 743 King E, Cambridge

Tai Chi Massage 3033 Hurontario, Mississauga

Tai Chi 1381 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Tai Chi 2544 Speers, Oakville

Taiji Health Centre 4864 Dundas W, Etobicoke

Taj Mahal 808 Courtland E, Kitchener

Talia 10 Jopling S, Etobicoke

Tantra Temple 54X St Clair, Toronto

Tanya , Toronto

Tanya , Markham

Tao 375 Jane, Toronto

Tara Clarkson, Mississauga

Tattooed Pornstar VicPark/St.Clair, Toronto

Taunton 250 Taunton,

Tavia & Ian 277 Humbercrest, Toronto

TCL Massage & Nails Spa 1278 St Clair W, Toronto

TCM 101 Cherryhill Blvd, London

TCM Health Clinic 1537 Adelaide St N, London

TCM Pain Care Centre 3768 Bathurst, North York

TCM Spa 1218 Bloor W, Toronto

Temple Bodywork Audrey Ave, Scarborough

Temptation Spa 2815 Eglinton E, Scarborough

Temptation North 8103 127th, Edmonton

Temptations 15122 Stony Plain, Edmonton

Temptations Studio 3871 No. 3, Richmond

Tai Chi Health Centre 296 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Thai Massage 539 Ontario St, London

Thai Massage Peterborough 1434 Chemong Rd, Peterborough

Thai Massage Listed, Missiassauga

Thai Natural Therapies 89 Highland Rd, Kitchener

Thai Oasis 335 Main St, Milton

Thalia Sonmore Dr, Scarborough

One Spa 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Ones Spa 981 Brock Road, Pickering

Tia , Toronto

Tianbo 1420 Burnhamthorpe E, Mississauga

Tianbo 777 Dundas, Mississauga

Tianbo 3420 Hurontario St, Mississauga

Tiawanese Don Mills/Eglinton, North York

Timeless 633 E Main, Welland

Tina 16th/Kennedy, Markham

Tina's Hope Wellness Centre 387 SPADINA RD, Toronto

Ting Tings Acupuncture 371 Somerset W, Ottawa

Tip & Toe , Markham

TLC Passion Spa 846 Sheppard, North York

Toffee Court ,

Tokyo Spa 37 Clarence, Ottawa

Tokyo 2739 4th W, Vancouver

Tokyo Bay 1157 Tecumseh Rd E, Windsor

Tokyo Rose 340 Brown's Line, Etobicoke

Tokyo Rose 417 Royal York, Etobicoke

Tokyo Spa 2925 Fairfield Ave., Bridgeport

Tomotsubo Health 181 Harbord, Toronto

Tong Dynasty T.C.M Wellness Clinic , Markham

Tong Tong 271 Spadina, Toronto

Top Ben Spa , Mississauga

Top Care Spa 11128 124 St NW, Edmonton

Top Hat , Toronto

Top Health Center 3120 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga

Top Health Centre 10 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga

Top Health Center 17665 Leslie, Newmarket

Top Massage 1051 Upper James St, Hamilton

Top 2171 Dunwin Dr, Mississauga

Top Spa 1270 Finch W, North York

Top Spa , Vancouver

Toronto Asian Playmate Parliament and Bloor, Toronto

Toronto Downtown Spa 490 Yonge, Unit A, Toronto

Toronto Men's Wellness Centre Davisville, Toronto

Total Balance 4550 Hwy 7, Vaughan

Total Wellness Centre , Toronto

Touch of Euphoria , Ottawa

Touch of Heaven Wellness 1493 Wyandotte E, Windsor

Touch of Rio Private Studio, Mississauga

Touch of Silk Health Spa 643 Queensway, Etobicoke

Touch Therapy Spa 838 Somerset W, Ottawa

Tracy Acupuncture 345 Queen St W, Toronto

Tranquility Spa 1229 4th Street, Estevan

Tranquillity Spa 574 Yonge, Toronto

Transense Bloor, Toronto

Tina Motel, Trenton

Trinity ,

Trinity Bellwoods 1255 Dundas W, Toronto

ALO East 175 Montreal, Vanier

Triple A 175 Montreal, Vanier

Tru Tropics Spa 1839 Danforth, Toronto

Tsingtao Wellness Spa 10 Fincham Ave, Markham

Tuina Health Clinic 144 Yonge, Toronto

Tuina 73 Ridgewood Rd, Lindsay

Tui-na Health Clinic 1278 Yonge, Toronto

Tuina 116 Dundas W, Toronto

Tulip Wellness Centre 1315 Lawrence E, North York

Tulip Spa 2778 Kennedy, Scarborough

Tulip Wellness Centre 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Turkish Bath 1100 Dundas W, Mississauga

Sarah? , Toronto

Tuxedo 40 Tuxedo Court, Scarborough

Two Young Ladies St Clair, Toronto

U Beauty Centre Werheim, Richmond Hill, ON

U Beauty Spa 10157 Yonge, Richmond Hill

U Spa 568 Yonge, Toronto

U Spa 4710 Yonge, North York

U Well Wellness 15 Karachi, Markham

Ultimate Health Clinic 45 Grist Mill Rd, Holland Landing

Ultimate Pleasure 986 Danforth, Toronto

Ultime Dente 8045 Henri Bourassa, Quebec City

Union Spa 7060 Warden, Markham

Unique 2082 Ness Ave, Winnipeg

Unique Touch 340 Brown's Line, Etobicoke

Universal Health Centre 4379 Kingston Road, Scarborough

Upper Brass 699 Yonge, Toronto

Upper Class Spa 10 East Wilmot, Richmond Hill

Upper James 640 Upper James, Hamilton

Upstairs Browns Line , Etobicoke

Uptown Spa , Toronto

Midtown Spa 180 Eglinton E, Toronto

Upward Dog Yoga Center 251 Dalhousie St, Ottawa

Urban Retreat Spa 350 Davis, Newmarket

Utopia Spa 10 Bramhurst, Brampton

Utopia Sherazade 2383 Chemin Ste-Foy #202, Quebec City

Utopia Sherazade 2 2690 Chemin Ste-Foy, Quebec City

V Care 8787 Woodbine, Markham

V Massage Relax 2199 Midland, Scarborough

V Spa 525 Eglinton W, Toronto

V Spa Progress & Kennedy, Scarborough

Valerie , Pickering

J Spa 1937 West 4th Ave, Vancouver

Asian 8268 8268 Granville Street, Vancouver

Vanessa Westgate, Ottawa

Vanier Parkway Vanier Parkway, Ottawa

Vaughan Spa 566 Rivermede, Vaughan

VB Hair Studio 800 Franklin, Cambridge

Vegas 10536-101 St., Edmonton

Vellore Chiropractic & Wellness Centre 9587 Weston Rd, Vaughan

Velvet Touch 787 Dundas W, Toronto

Velvet Touch Studio 14817 Yellowhead Trail, Edmonton

Velvet Touch Spa 535 Marlee, North York

Venus Studio 10043 163 St, Edmonton

Venus Massage Spa 1300 Finch W, North York

Venus Lounge 667 Parkdale, Hamilton

Venus Spa 2176 Dundas W, Toronto

Venus 1670 Zotique E, Montreal

Venus Spa 15208 Yonge, Aurora

Venus 438 Highway 8, Stoney Creek

Venus , Ottawa

Plaisir 1269 Amherst, Montreal

Vibe Spa 3939 Duke of York Blvd, Mississauga

Vibe Urban Spa 1010 Polytek St, Ottawa

Vibrant Wellness and Beauty 2963 Vivian, Newmarket

Victoria Spa 127 Westmore, Etobicoke

Victoria Yonge/Steeles, Toronto

Victoria Elite Spa 5120 Dixie, Mississauga

Victoria , Mississauga

Kim Unlisted, Vaughan

Vigor Health and Rehab 7191 Yonge St, Toronto

Vikka , Toronto

Violet Spa 3547 St. Clair E, Scarborough

Violet Cloud Healing 955 Warwick Ct, Burlington

Violet Spa 9441 Jane, Vaughan

VIP 20 Carlton, Toronto

VIP Spa 2190 McNicoll, Scarborough

VIP 5324 Queen Mary, Montreal

VIP Nuru Massage 1245 Drummond, Montreal

VIP Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

VIP Spa 5936 Pembroke Rd, Hollywood

VIP Spa 3547 St. Clair E, Scarborough

VIP Wellness Spa 6095 Kingston Road, Scarborough

VIP Wellness 5051 Highway 7, Markham

VIP Wellness 17120 Leslie, Newmarket

VIP Wellness 101 White Oaks Court, Whitby

Virginia's 125 Clarke S, London

Vitality 7611 Pine Valley, Vaughan

Vivi Beauty 397 Dundas W,

Vivi Spa 33 Essa, Barrie

Vivian Westside , Edmonton

Vivid Spa 4801 Steeles W, North York

Vjosa , Toronto

Vogue Nails 865 York Mills Road, North York

Vogue Plus Spa 660 King E, Cambridge

VV Spa 4400 Sheppard E, Scarborough

VVIP Spa 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

W & H Health Clinic 350 Wilson, North York

Warden and Lawrence ,

Warden/Steeles ,

Warehouse Unknown, North York

Warm Spa 487 Kennedy, Scarborough

Wasaga Spa 1256 Mosley St, Wasaga

Mama Wolf , Wasaga Beach

Water Lily Spa 4221 Sheppard, Scarborough

Water Spa 1904 Danforth, Toronto

Waterfall Health Centre 2324 Lakeshore Blvd, Etobicoke

Waterfall Paradise Spa 40 Winges, Vaughan

Watson RMT 250 Dunlop, Barrie

Oriental Massage 1091 Weber E, Kitchener

Well-Being Clinic behind georgian mall, Barrie

Well Wellness Centre 9011 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Razor's Edge 645 King St, Welland

Welland 245 King St, Welland

WellBeing Clinic 604 Yonge, Toronto

Wellness Spa 6979 Yonge, North York

Wellness Centre 580 Hespeler, Cambridge

Wellness Centre 165 Wellington W, Barrie

Wellness Clinic 520 Hood Rd, Markham

Wellness For You 8383 Weston Rd, Vaughan

Wellness Mountain 2378 Bloor W, Toronto

Wellness Mountain 2392 Bloor W, Toronto

Wellness Retreat 633 King St E, Oshawa

Wendy Healing Clinic 518 Yonge, Toronto

Wenli Spa 72 Huron, Toronto

Cleopatra Spa 467 Ouellette, Windsor

West Drive 351 Parkhurst, Brampton

Westdale ,

WestEnd Spa 2095 Weston, York

Weston Spa 2839 Weston, North York

Weston 1830 ,

Weston 1969 1969 WESTON RD, Toronto

WH Wellness 47 Lakeshore E, Mississauga

Whisky A GoGo 544 Rivermede, Concord

Whitby - Dundas Street 1645 Dundas St, Whitby

Whitby 4 Corners 101 Dundas St W, Whitby

Dundas St E 1121 Whitby 1121 Dundas St E, Whitby

Whitby Dundas 220 220 Dundas Street West, Whitby

Whitby Dundas 220b 220 Dundas Street W, Whitby

Whitby - High Traffic Plaza 1916 Dundas St E, Whitby

Whitby Mary St 103 Mary St W, Whitby

Whitby Office unlisted, Whitby

Whitby:Previously Fitness Studio 1645 Dundas St E, Whitby

Whitby: Professional Office 1621 McEwen Dr, Whitby

Whitby - Retail/office space 103b Mary St W, Whitby

White Lotus Massage 181 Harbord, Toronto

Ocean City Health Centre 15240 Thrift Ave, White Rock

White Rose Spa 50 Danforth Rd, Scarborough

Peak Results Health and Wellness Whittle, Mississauga

Wild Girls 11 Crescent Place E, Toronto

Wild Lotus 1900 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga

Wild Rose Oasis 13204 126th, Edmonton

Wildwoods 6200 Concession 4, Uxbridge

Wilson Health Centre 382 Wilson, North York

Wilson 344 344 Wilson, North York

Wilson 365 ,

Wilson 805 805 Wilson Ave,

Erica , Windsor

Winges , Vaughan

Winnie Spa 594 Yonge, Toronto

Wishing Well Drive ,

Withme Spa 4386 Sheppard E, Scarborough

WJT 2009 5429 Dundas W, Etobicoke

WJT Wellness Centre 5487 Dundas W, Etobicoke

Wonder Spa 9421 Jane, Vaughan

Wonderful Spa 8400 Jane, Vaughan

Wonderful Foot 3330 Midland, Scarborough

WonderfulLand 3793 Wellington, Montreal

Woodbine Downs Woodbine Downs, Etobicoke

Woodbridge Massage Therapy 27 Roytec Rd, Vaughan

Woodchester 2458 Dundas St W, Mississauga

Woody Road Spa 460 Woody Rd, Oakville

Woolwich Street Health Spa 169 Woolwich, Guelph

Worthington Ave , Brampton

Wyld Orchid None, Victoria

Xiaoping Spa 17539 100 Ave, Edmonton

Xanadu 9005 Leslie, Richmond Hill

Xandrias 1172 Cure Labelle, Laval

Xiang Xiang Health Centre 455 Dundas W, Toronto

Xin Yuan Centre 580 Hespeler, Cambridge

XM Spa 9665 Bayview, Richmond Hill

XR Wellness 4560 Highway 7 E, Markham

XTC Spa 32 Goodmark, Etobicoke

Yan Health Spa 301 King St E, Kitchener

Yan Spa 8364 Woodbine Ave, Markham

Yang TCM Clinic 201 Lloyd Manor Rd, Etobicoke

Yan's Harmony Spa 4174 Kingston Rd, Scarborough

YC Health 1775 Toronto St, Regina

Yi Quan 2778 Chemin Ste-Foy #50, Quebec City

YiRen Spa 3262 Midland, Scarborough

Yi Shui Wellness Clinic 365 Kennedy Rd S, Brampton

Yin Yang 415 W Hallandale Beach, Hallandale

YNT Health 372 Highway 7 E, Richmond Hill

Yoga Studio 74 Duke St, Truro

Yonge Spa 3232 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge-1560 1560 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge 163 163 YONGE ST, North York

Yonge-2510 2510 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge and Lawrence 3313 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge 3313 at Lawrence 3313 Yonge St, Toronto

Yonge 3453 3453 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge 346 , Toronto

Yonge-3819 3819 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge 5193 5193a Yonge St, North York

Yonge 5336 - Next to Lala 5336 Yonge, North York

Yonge 550 550 Yonge, Toronto

Yonge 7181 7181 YONGE ST, North York

Yonge & 16th Yonge & 16th, Richmond Hill

Yonge & Major Mac Yonge & Major Mac, Richmond Hill

Yonge Spa 18 Wilstead Dr, Newmarket

Yonge Spa 6311 Yonge, North York

YonWell Clinic 508 Yonge, Toronto

York BBS , Toronto

York BBS , Toronto

York BBS , Toronto

York BBS , Toronto

York BBS , Markham

York BBS , Toronto

York Road 604 York Rd, Guelph

York Spa 2931 Dufferin, North York

Yorkdale Spa 3200 Dufferin, North York

Yorkdale Health 555 Wilson Heights, North York

Yorkville 70 ,

YouYou Spa 7725 Birchmount, Markham

Young Black Girl , Toronto

Yoyo 165 Kennedy S, Brampton

YPG 5660 Ave du Parc, Montreal

YS 4773 Yonge, North York

Y.U. Health Centre 1920 Ellesmere, Scarborough

Yube , Edmonton

Yuki Wellness Warden/Highway 7 E, Markham

Yukimi Spa 829 Albion, Etobicoke

Yumi , Edmonton

Yumi , Edmonton

YYZ Foot & Health Care 550 Queen, Brampton

Zanzibar Tavern 359 Yonge, Toronto

Zaza 2351 Kennedy, Scarborough

Zen Spa 655 Dixon, Etobicoke

Zen Forest 10 Jopling Ave S, Etobicoke

Zen Wellness 330 Bronte Street S, Milton

Zen Wellness 15225 Yonge, Aurora

Zense Wellness 324 Hwy 7, Richmond Hill

Zhang 371 Somerset W, Ottawa

Zhang Beauty 3278 Midland, Scarborough

Zhen Zhen 326 Spadina, Toronto

Ziba Spa 36 Ash St, Uxbridge

Ziwu Wellness 8364 Woodbine Ave, Markham

ZYD Holistic Centre 802 St. Clair W, Toronto

Zypy Spa 75 Main St, Markham

Highway 7 Spa For Sale Unknown, Richmond Hill