Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon was made for TV

Amber Lyon is extraordinarily beautiful, courageous and poised newswoman who works for CNN. She "starred" in a CNN feature about young prostitutes in USA called "Selling the Girl Next Door". She suffers from a midwestern upbringing and bias. She often sees things in black and white, not realizing that the her victims and her purportrators are arbitraily chosen and angelfied/demonized.

2011: Egypt

Amber was sexually abused by the Egyptian crowd but its interesting that the full story hasnt gotten out.

We both believe strongly that the authorities should not further "victimize" sexworkers.

Amazingly she does not have a bio on Wikipedia.


Amber Lyon is a general assignment correspondent based in CNN's Headquarters in Atlanta, GA, where she covers regional assignments and breaking news. Lyon joined the network in June 2010.

Since joining CNN, Lyon reported the first live report from beneath the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico with Philippe Cousteau. Lyon was the only reporter to broadcast live exclusively from beneath the oil spill and connect viewers with what was happening beneath the BP oil disaster. Before becoming a permanent member of the CNN family, Lyon freelanced with the CNN Special Investigation Unit where she went undercover into Florida pain clinics to expose a pill mill epidemic. Weeks later, one of the pain clinics featured in Lyon's investigation was raided by the FBI, DEA, and IRS. Lyon also investigated the sex trafficking of minors on Craigslist. In a CNN exclusive, Lyon brought her findings to the "Craig" in Craigslist, founder Craig Newmark. Her interview left Newmark speechless.

Before joining CNN, Lyon created 'Backpack Reporters,' an organization where she and her team reports on stories that are not being covered by the mainstream media. Lyon also reported for KVOA TV in Tucson, AZ covering border and immigration issues, Mexican drug cartels, wildfires, and breaking news. Prior, Lyon lived in Central America where she spent her time learning more about immigration, economic poverty and journalism in Guatemala. Lyon also taught journalism classes to news reporters and anchors at Cable DX, a privately-owned TV station in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

Lyon is a three-time Emmy Award- winning journalist. In 2007 and 2008 Lyon won the Emmy Award for 'Best On-Camera Talent, Reporter' for her stand-out reporting style. She also won the 2006 Emmy Award for 'Best Feature in 24 Hours.'

Lyon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Missouri.

Here is a photo of Amber Lyon confronting Craig Newmark of Craigslist.
She ambushed him but he didnt really respond very well. Craigslist is just a medium. Don't shoot the messenger.

Amber has got her share of criticism

She suffers from the misfortune of having the similar name as 80s porn star Amber Lynn. Amber Lyon got her surname in marriage. Strangely enough Amber Lyon has spoken about Amber Lynn and friend Ginger Lynn due to her coverage of actor Charlie Sheen. She also looks very similar to one of Charlie Sheen's girlfriends: porn star Bree Olson (Rachel Marie Oberlin)

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