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  • This weekend Tokyo Rose at European Health Centre 625 Queensway

  • Toronto Licensing is having Holistic Centre consultation meetings with practioners and owners March 7th and March 8th

  • In USA Trump is ramping up the WAR ON SEX

  • In Kitchener the Fantasy World Escorts trial will happen April 23rd & 24th

  • After 9 years in North York Palladium Spa has closed lack of business

  • After 20 years in North York High Energy Spa has closed lack of business

  • Now Magazine has launched TorontoAdults.com to display online ads

  • On Dufferin Street Minx Spa is closed too many tickets

  • The New York Times writes about casual sex

  • At City Hall many tribunals are held for massage parlours

  • At City Hall holistic and body rub licenses info is online

  • Watch videos of Toronto councillors debating holistic license

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