Toronto Law Enfocement is issuing thousands of tickets

Due to the global pandemic, law enforcement are issuing thousands of tickets. It is debatable what the best approach during these difficult times.

In Winnipeg, massage parlour is issued a $2500 ticket Executive Bath, located at 835 Ellice Ave., has been fined $2,542. According to the Manitoba government, it was closed on May 8. Other businesses that have been fined for not complying with the measures issued by the chief public health officer include: Beauty Infinity, Thi Bui, JT’s Club, California Nails, and Ruby Nail Bar.

I believe effort has been appropriate and effective with little bias. There are few reports of one group being singled out. The big box stores have been open because they have a larger inventory which includes essential items.

The Asian massage spas have been singled out by some enforcement officers. In the spring of 2020 one Oriental spa received a tcket by mistake and it was not immeadiately withdrawn. Nevertheless there has been no "Shock Doctrine" efforts underway.

People have spoke up on behalf of their right to freedom. Small businesses have suffered significantly and have not had an easy time getting subsidies. Similar to painting lanes of highways, the central authority has the authority to set safety protocals on a widespread basis.

Trinity Bible Chapel in St Jacobs (Waterloo region) is continuing to hold religious services. The pastor says its out of community love.

There have benn officers checking all the massage parlours and even going undercover. One Mississauga spa got a $820 ticket on Friday Jan 22nd for being open.

We will all be glad when this pandemic is over.

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