Holistic License

´╗┐It is now May 2019 and the day of reckoning is upon us. When I say "us", I mean the holistic centre owners and practitioners. The city wants to change the bylaws including scrapping the holistic licence alltogether.

The city hopes that holistic centres will willingly switch over to the body rub category. The owners have been paying $500/year for decades and will not welcome a new $12,000 expence. Less than 10% of people favour a change. By dropping 2500 practitioners and 400 centres, their income will drop dramatically. Hoping they will switch over to body rubs is wishful and niave thinking. This is a sitution where it is best to stay with the "Devil You Know"

Like the Vietnam War, this is an opportunity for people to fight for the sake of fighting. The Council is new and the two sides are ready for battle. Kristyn Wong Tam and her progressives are acting very passionatly about subway and healthcare issues. Jim Karygiannis and his deplorables are also full of energy. It may well be that neither side wants to waste their ammo on this minor issue.

Hopefully this will be resolved intelligently and there will be a HAPPY ENDING this summer

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