A Brief History of Niagara Police Force



On January 23rd, 2019 Niagara police charged one of their own. A month ago, one of their police men, shot another while on duty. Also, over the last few years they have been accused of raiding rival massage parlours. The Niagara police force, appears comparable to the Peel and Durham forces where every cop is corrupt.

The Hanover Post concur. They wrote a summary of Niagara Police misconduct recently also

The most recent problem is with Niagara policeman David Kucoky. This winter he was on administrative leave and decided to open a home massage business in Port Colbourne. He advertized "Massage by Dave" on Facebook hoping to attract local ladies. He worked under the alias of "Dave Allen". On January 24th, he was brought to court and charged with sexually attacking 5 clients. His picture and name were posted online as police are searching for other victims.

This recent episode is similar to a story from 15 years ago. Next to Bogart Pond and the Newmarket High School stood an amazing suburban brothel seconds from Highway 404. The girls were extremely talented with warm moist orifices. An assortment of drugs was also available. It catered to bored and horny policemen, teachers and politicians. The business on Bogart Circle was run by police Sargent Robert Penman and his girlfriend Yvonne Regner.

The bordello was extremely busy and this annoyed the neighbours. Initially they felt safe having police cars parked nearby. Later they became upset with loud drunken policemen pissing on the street. They began recording the license plates and identifying the patrons. Most of York region's top policemen who worked in Aurora were clients. Police chiefs Aramand La Barge and Eric Jolliffe were frequent visitors. After two years, Penman was quietly charged and convicted.

It is alleged that the Police Association building and the brothel were closely aligned. Police often shuttled back and forth from the Shed to the brothel. Athough it is in an office complex,the Shed at 600 Stonehaven was famous for loud parties and Nazi themed events. No female or black officers were welcome. Little is known about the current YRP but from 1990-2015 they were extremely corrupt.

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