Perla versus Flirt

In April 2013, the "Platinum Spa" people opened Perla Spa. It a upscale body rub parlour on Sparks street near Victoria Park and Steeles in eastern North York close to Scarborough, Thornhill and Markham. The address is 3670 Victoria Park Ave Unit 2A.

Platinum had searched for years for a good location since their two spas (Platinum and Studio 9) both had severe physical limitations. They were told by licensing that the large unit nearest to Victoria Park had the wrong zoning so they settled for a unit in the building further east. It is actually the basement. For almost a year, Perla Spa was under construction. It was decorated very elegantly based upon years of research including trips to China. Black and red were chosen as the primary colours of the interior.

Flirt Spa had long been looking to relocate their original spa that had been operating on Chesswood Road for seven years. In 2014, they obtained approval from the city to move their body rub spa next to Perla Spa in the unit that Perla had been denied a year before. Flirt spent almost a million dollars on renovations for their 12 room spa. When Flirt opened in the spring of 2016, they were immeadiatley busy. The rivalry between the two spas became intense and many dirty tricks were used.

Soon after they opened, Perla tried to get Flirt shut down for operating in a location that wasn't zoned for personal services. The mistake of zoning was made because licensing was confused where the "front" of the plaza was. Is the front facing the main street: Victoria Park; or the side street: Sparks? The intention of the zoning was to prohibit busineeeses along Victoria Park which is an important north-south thoroughfare.

On June 14, 2016, there was a trial. Perla (2332980 Ontario Inc.) sued John Heggie, in his capacity as Acting Chief Building Official of the City of Toronto, and Flirt (210173 Ontario Inc.). John Mascarin and Laura Dean were the lawyers for Perla. David Tortell was the lawyer for the city and Esmail Mehrabi for Flirt.

The judge in the case was retired professor Justice Edward. M. Morgan who taught public international law, private international law, and international criminal law. Judge Morgan had precided over many important cases. In 2015, he threw out charges of heroin trafficking against Nguyen Son Tran because the police had planted drugs in his car and fabricated a story of watching a drug deal occur.

On July 7th, 2016, there was Superior Court Decision in Perla vs Flirt. The judge ruled in favour of Perla and the body rub licence was revoked.

The aftermath is very uncertain. Licensing still indicates that Flirt has a body rub license. There has been no mention of Flirt taking action against the city for improperly approving the zoning. There is a rumour that Flirt has agreed to leave in a a year which does seem reasonable but does conform to the law.

The battle between Tiana and Angela continies. May the best woman prevail.

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