Toronto has decided to replace Jimmy K with a Ward 22 election

´╗┐An election will be held in January in the seat previously held by Jim Karygiannis.

Jim Karygiannis misspent his campaign money and after a long battle was removed from his job.

Karygiannis was exposed as being very negative towards the Asian population that dominates the ward. He was also very hostile with the 30 holistic centres in his ward.

Will any of the candidates for the seat speak up on behalf of the Asian majority? Will they use the massage parlours to "dog whistle" or will there be some intelligent debate.

Karygiannis also was a believer in extending the Sheppard subway eastward to Kennedy. This subway is at least 40 years away.

It is important that we elected a councillor he can represent his constiuents and work effectively in council. The other 24 councillors already have some cohesion that needs to be recognized.

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