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This massage parlour news page will bring you several links a week about Exotic Massage Parlours and sex in general. Of course we will often feature articles about the most popular massage spas in Brampton, Toronto and Etobicoke. We will include links to the police raids and licensing controversys. In the year of the Toronto election, Rob Ford, Giorgio Mammoliti, John Tory and Peter Milczyn will get plenty of space. Look inside the TEM website for contact information about massage parlours on Yonge Street, Dufferin Street, Steeles Ave, Lawrence Ave, Eglinton Ave, Finch Ave and many others.
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  • Enjoy the three pillars of life: Marriage, Massage and Ashley Madison?

  • In 2003 Rub and Tug won award for best feature film  [Direct Link]

20-30 Big Labia Photos

  • Just what you needed 20-30 Big Labia Photos   [Direct Link]

  • Shouldnt Mr Gerry's URL be LICK HER lawyer rather than LIQUOR lawyer  [Direct Link]

  • You must try Busty Kinky Angel Yonge/Lawrence  [Direct Link]

  • Next time you are in Kenya Nairobi Spa Massage has girls!  [Direct Link]

  • Spoil yourself with Soapy Table Shower at Greenleaf or Forever Spa  [Direct Link]

  • Consider Gigi for incredible body care on Fridays  [Direct Link]

  • In Hamilton 12 cops on paid leave awaiting criminal trial   [Direct Link]

  • In Hamilton cop gets five years for planting gun   [Direct Link]

  • Company has Bitcoin ATMs throughout Toronto region 

  • In June Perla won suit vs Flirt and city for allowing bodyrub  [Direct Link]

  • From Dr Hui's website Be careful with Heavy Metal  

  • Not easy decision Barrie might offer body rub licenses   [Direct Link]

  • In USA company has detailed info on every resident   [Direct Link]

  • On Bridle Path Drake's new mansion to include massage room   [Direct Link]

  • Star releases wiretaps of Rob Ford & Somali gangsters   [Direct Link]

  • Today I see very provocative ad on BackPage   [Direct Link]

  • Disturbing Pattern 3 sexworkers in the shadows got murdered   [Direct Link]

  • The Advocate writes of policing massage parlours in New Orleans USA   [Direct Link]

  • Married and bored? Meet Madison and Ashley this week  [Direct Link]

  • Vice Magazine writes about the 4000 Asian massage parlours of USA   [Direct Link]

Maggies SexWorker advocates has moved a few streets

  • In downtown Maggies SexWorker advocates has moved a few streets   [Direct Link]

  • Conversation on Reddit about Toronto Massage  [Direct Link]

  • The Donald's wife Melania Trump resembles porn star Madison Ivy  

  • At Keele/Finch Top Spa Asians take over from Euro Angels  [Direct Link]

  • In Seattle USA police open spa arrest 220 men who show up  [Direct Link]

  • Scarborough Oriental Falls Glendinning repened July 15th  [Direct Link]

  • In USA politician commits suicide over massage certificates   [Direct Link]

  • Star reports 72M for rich cops and lawyers No money for victims  [Direct Link]

  • At 1315 Lawrence Unit 523 May+Becky Truly Amazing Thursday only  [Direct Link]

  • At Unit 523. 1315 Lawrence E SuperHot Shirley at Palace   [Direct Link]

Dozens of senior police caught

  • In Oakland USA dozens of senior police caught hiring sex worker  [Direct Link]

  • Downtown Kawaii Spa is closing  [Direct Link]

  • Downtown near Eaton's Gia is eager East Indian  [Direct Link]

  • In Winnipeg Spa extorts money from customers closed by police  [Direct Link]

  • Unit 523 1315 Lawrence E Hottest Girl Michelle back on Wednesdays!  [Direct Link]

  • Prayers have been answered Escort that accepts insurance  

  • In Midtown new girl Lily at Relax Spa  [Direct Link]

  • Intriguing new Pure Pleasure Spa at Yonge/Steeles 

  • At Yonge and Sheppard Shirley's Spa has closed She is AWOL  [Direct Link]

  • Toronto Star reveals massive Sugar Daddy industry   [Direct Link]

What sexworkers truly want

  • Toni Mac reveals what sexworkers truly want in Ted Talk  [Direct Link]

  • Mary is back at Jun Jun Spa 374 College St  [Direct Link]

  • After 10 years Queenie/CuteyBlue/Magda Spa has closed 2025 Yonge  [Direct Link]

  • She's back Kate from Sakura Courtice now at 2029Y   [Direct Link]

  • In Scarboro two new spas on Warden Ave May 2016  [Direct Link]

  • The Globe and Mail reveals Toronto's sex trade 1850-1950   [Direct Link]

  • In Scarborough 1333 Warden reopened after a decade  [Direct Link]

  • In Alberta Edmonton Strip Club offers free table dances   [Direct Link]

  • In Uptown Shangrila Spa on Merton has closed   [Direct Link]

  • Great News Joy is back! Front desk at Obsession & Intermodal  [Direct Link]

Try King Whirlpool Suite at Woodycrest Hotel

  • Fatigued? Try King Whirlpool Suite at Woodycrest Hotel in Whitby  [Direct Link]

  • On Victoria Park Octavian Spa has new owners   [Direct Link]

  • List of eighty people charged in Ontario child porn ring   [Direct Link]

  • New BBBJ girl Whitby Starts Tuesday  [Direct Link]

  • Amazing low prices at Wenli Spa in Chinatown 

  • Are you looking for BBBJ? Buy Vietnamese newspaper 

  • In Berlin Germany 900 policemen raid brothel   [Direct Link]

  • USA confronts Korean threat by raiding 11 spas in NYC   [Direct Link]

  • Like Canada, Sweden France makes buying sex illegal   [Direct Link]

  • At Forever Spa new young girl Ayla with Summer  [Direct Link]

Hottest Thailand Girl Feifei

  • Unit 523 1315 Lawrence E Hottest Thailand Girl Feifei only on Wednesdays!  [Direct Link]

  • Hopefully Love Massage 557 Eglinton W will last 7 owners in 4 years  [Direct Link]

  • University of Toronto Robarts Library showing Canada Sexwork Exhibit   [Direct Link]

  • On Birchmount Red Rose Spa has opened   [Direct Link]

  • In Florida outcall woman is shot dead by customer   [Direct Link]

  • In USA senate contempt charge expected BackPage   [Direct Link]

  • In Aurora Venus Spa has closed   [Direct Link]

  • CNN does feature about retired porn star Bree Olson   [Direct Link]

  • US GOVT considering criminal charges against BackPage   [Direct Link]

Developer wants to tear down strip club and massage parlour

  • In Vancouver developer wants to tear down strip club and massage parlour   [Direct Link]

  • Online Bernie Sanders can help you find love and sex   [Direct Link]

  • In USA Hulk Hogan upset with online sex video sues for $100 million  [Direct Link]

  • 50 million watched Donald Trump talk about his penis  

  • Google Streetview captured Sex Education Protest in Scarborough 

  • Every Playboy Centerfold 1953-2016  [Direct Link]

  • Film of Boston reporters exposing Catholic priests Spotlight wins best film Oscar  [Direct Link]

  • Learn about Dec 17th Red Umbrella Day   [Direct Link]

  • Buy your first date on   [Direct Link]

  • No BS review of Jian Ghomeshi trial 2 hr Youtube 

Hookers for Hillary

  • In Las Vegas Hookers for Hillary is ready for Nevada primary  [Direct Link]

  • In USA Ted Cruz casts porn actress in ad by mistake  [Direct Link]

  • Amazing Stunning Exotic Savana now at SRM  [Direct Link]

  • Star writes about stigma problems of leaving sex work   [Direct Link]

  • Fortune writes whats its really like to work in porn   [Direct Link]

  • Incall girl Sylvia Consuelo was killed by this thug Jan 30th  [Direct Link]

  • Gruesome video of city of Homs Syria 2016  

  • Spec reports Hamilton doesn't like new massage parlours   [Direct Link]

  • Jimmy Fallon gets Jesus to talk US politics on YouTube 

  • Scientists say once females are aroused they'll mate anyone   [Direct Link]

Charges cuz 4 police plant heroin in car

  • Chief Saunders announces charges cuz 4 police plant heroin in car   [Direct Link]

  • Toronto Star reports local men and boys blackmailed after sending nudie pics   [Direct Link]

  • Big News policeman guilty of murdering Sammy Yatim on streetcar  [Direct Link]

  • South African mayor pays girls to remain virgins   [Direct Link]

  • In Toronto Covenant House and John Tory fight human trafficking with video  [Direct Link]

  • In Seattle USA police seize sexwork forum and arest 20  [Direct Link]

  • In Barrie short man with knife on loose attacking BackPage girls  [Direct Link]

  • In Markham creepy Ziggy caught pimping juvenile   [Direct Link]

  • Ontario cops are a disgrace York cops sue Peel cops over extortion  [Direct Link]

  • Some good gals are with S.W.A.T. the sexworker alliance [Direct Link]

  • Craigslist is changing Sex ads will cost $10 May not apply to Canada [Direct Link]

  • Keep up to date with baseball MLB Depth Charts has the latest transactions [Direct Link]

  • Looking to start a business? small business toronto is a good start [Direct Link]

  • Here's a good place for Brazalian waxing Royale Esthetics is in Newmarket [Direct Link]

  • So what's the latest on British Sexbomb Lily Allen ? [Direct Link]

  • TEM now breaks down Edmonton by region. ie North Central Edmonton [Direct Link]

Bang Brothers broke their contract with me so use Porn Hub instead

  • Anybody tried this Ashley Madison dating company? [Direct Link]

  • These Strip Club Maps are finally working in Firefox [Direct Link]

  • I hear that Platinum Club in Vancouver is good. I love their swanky bling [Direct Link]

  • In Edmonton Legends is becoming legendary [Direct Link]

  • In Vancouver Swedish Touch has outlasted Madame Cleo's [Direct Link]

  • Dave from Phoenix has a great site about Sex Work USA remains very backward [Direct Link]

  • Do you like blonde Asians? Platinum Spa has several of these [Direct Link]

  • Do you like Bodacious? Try Michelle at High Park Massage [Direct Link]

  • After five months of construction Seasons Spa will reopen. Mimi is still there [Direct Link]

  • There are always new girly pics on GTA Girls sometimes with ice cubes [Direct Link]

  • The biggest spa in the Toronto region is SRM in Brampton [Direct Link]

  • A brief history of Massage Ads in the Toronto Sun [Direct Link]

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We provide all the information about the Toronto area spas including Steeles Royal, Allure, Hands From Heaven, Platinum Spa, Goldenrich and Alphacare. If you are looking for Asian Massage reviews you might find some links to Diamonds Massage in Scarborough as well as Seasons Spa in downtown Toronto. Russian Massage Parlor gossip can be found by using these Toronto Exotic Massage links.
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